QuickBooks Checks for Churches

Why does a church need QuickBooks Checks? You may be asking yourself this very question

; after all, it is an expensive investment for an establishment that wants money only to help others. However, the features offered by QuickBooks Premier Nonprofit package allow churches to monitor ingoing and outgoing donations, operating expenses, payroll for any employees of the church such as the pastor, and allows the creation and monitoring of budgets. If your church has grown to the point where you need to keep track of the items listed above, it is worth taking the time to learn more about this software. Operating Expenses Churches have recurring bills just like any other organization. You must pay for electricity, power, and maintenance. Many churches also offer stipends for their pastor, church secretary, or cleaning service. Larger churches may also run preschools or hold classes for community members that must be funded. QuickBooks checks make it easier to pay all of the people that render a service for the church and to keep track of those expenses with minimal effort and maximum efficiency. Donations QuickBooks allows users to monitor donations by donor as well as by week or month. This will easily allow you to see if your income is trending up or down so that you can be sure expenditures reflect those changes. Additionally, churches will often make donations from their own accounts for disaster relief or to help parishioners who are facing financial difficulties. When your church makes a donation, QuickBooks checks will allow you to easily track what donations have been made to make filing the tax form 990 or 990-EZ easier. It’s Easy QuickBooks has evolved to become one of the easiest to use pieces of accounting software available on the market today. The user interface is intuitive and user friendly, and the customer service for the product is excellent, should any problems arise. It can be downloaded directly to the church computer from the Internet, or a hard copy can be purchased. Access to multiple people can be granted and some versions allow online access from any computer. Buy QuickBooks Checks Online Checkomatic offers affordable, fast, and friendly service for businesses, individuals, organizations, and churches. You can order your checks online and customize them to reflect the unique nature of your church. Include a church logo on your QuickBooks checks to reach even more people when your checks are processed. We guarantee the lowest price for QuickBooks checks; check out the details of our low price guarantee!

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