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Voucher Checks

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Voucher Checks Voucher checks are business sized the same width as any standard check, but longer and they are sometimes referred to as vendor or payroll checks. They are printed with one check on the top of the page and two detachable stubs under the check for use for accounts payable or payroll purposes. Other types of vouchers checks, like those printed with the check in the middle or at the bottom of the two stubs, are not supported by Quickbooks software, and therefore cannot be used. You can buy them in formats made for printing by inkjet, laser, or even dot matrix printers, and they can be handwritten if you prefer.

The voucher portion of the quickbooks checks serves as a physical record of purchases or payments. They are most often used for business to business transactions and payroll. They also serve as physical proof of a payroll payment made by direct deposit, since electronic transactions can be time consuming to track if there is ever a dispute.

Quickbooks Voucher Checks

When using voucher Quickbooks checks, you have the option of printing additional information on the stub portions of the check, like the items field and expense tabulations found at the bottom of the "Write Checks" window, plus information about the account the check will be drawn on. When running payroll checks, you will be able to include payroll deductions, employee numbers, and any other information pertinent to the payment.

You can purchase voucher checks at brick-and-mortar retailers like office supply stores, but it's far cheaper and more convenient to order them online from a Web site that specializes in check printing. That way, you can have your business information and logo printed n every check in an elegant and professional manner. Most online sellers offer a quality product at a lower price than retailers saddled with physical costs and pricey advertising. They can offer the same guarantees as a traditional retailer and usually deliver in less time, because you are usually ordering directly from the printer and not from a middleman who will ship your order to a printer that takes orders from multiple sources.

Your voucher Quickbooks checks can be chosen from a variety of styles and colors, and customized to meet your needs and present an impressive professional business image to clients, suppliers and employees. If checking information is not included on the check itself, you can save time and trouble by using the same checks for multiple accounts, printing the banking information along with the payment information.

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