Saving money with Quickbooks Checks

Many news organizations have been focusing on the downturn in the economy and how it is affecting individuals who have lost their jobs.

While the job market is certainly newsworthy, it is not just the employees who are suffering during these troubled economic times. Employers are also struggling to pay their business expenses, find new clients, and retain valuable employees. Unfortunately, everyone must make sacrifices, and for many businesses, this means losing employees. While it is devastating for an employee to be laid off, sometimes it is the only way for the business as a whole to remain financially secure. One way to reduce your employee numbers, without negatively affecting quality, is to introduce software that can reduce the workload of your accounting department. Payroll and accounts payable can all benefit from introducing a program like QuickBooks into your accounting department. By reducing the time and effort your employees spend on financial tasks, you will be able to repurpose the remaining employees to other tasks such as customer service. QuickBooks is an affordable software solution for accounting problems. Not only can QuickBooks reduce the amount of time, and thereby the number of people, needed to complete financial transactions and bookkeeping, QuickBooks checks can also  be purchased for much less than traditional checks. Another added benefit to using QuickBooks checks is that you can personalize each check with your company information and company logo. The customization options you select for your check will allow you to brand your company in a memorable way and help you make a bigger impact on those you interact with financially. Checks are something you will be writing, you might as well take advantage of the advertising opportunity. Once you have created the template you want to use for your checks, reordering is a snap. You will simply save your preferences the first time and be able to choose reorder thereafter. However, if you think you may want to change something later, that is easy, too. You will simply complete the initial process again adjusting your checks to your exact specifications. Finally, ordering your QuickBooks checks from Checkomatic ensures you will be paying the absolute lowest prices found online or from your local retailer. With our Low Price Guarantee simply email us the URL showing the lower price offered by a competitor or fax a printed ad to 800-466-1395 and, after we verify their price, you will be able to purchase our checks for 10% less than our competitors price. At Checkomatic, we promise not only affordability but also fast and friendly service. You can call and speak with our helpful customer service representatives Monday through Friday from 9:30 to 5:30 Eastern, or you can select our live chat option located on our website at any time.

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