Your Best Protection Against Fraud
The DucuGard line of cut sheet

checks with advanced security

features is designed to provide

a secure and cost-effective

method for businesses, large

and small, to help prevent

document fraud, DocuGard

products are compatible with accounting

or other popular

software packages on the market

today and are specifically

designed for laser printers.


  1ODT VOID Copy Protection on Colored Pattern Backgrounds

2Micro-printed Side Borders contain the non-reproductible micro-printed text "DOCUGARD" invisible to the naked eye

3 Warning Bands contain a message informing the recipient about the security features employed on the check

4 Stock Control Numbers and Docugard Reorder Numbers are printed on the back of the check

5 Artificial Watermarks are printed on the backer and cannot be duplicated

6 Micro-printed Endorsement Lines on the backer


Advances in color copiers and scanners have made life easier for even the novice forger.Authentication features work only when the person accepting the document knows to look for a specific security feature.But with Optical Deterrent Technology (ODT). a hidden message is revealed when the duplication attempt is made, easily determining the original from a forgery.