Summer is a tricky time of year for cubicle members.

Summer is a tricky time of year for cubicle members. Schools will soon be out, the first wave of coworkers are off frolicking on vacation, and the rest of us are tasked wit keeping the business afloat. This June, invigorate staff by filling their shelves with some fresh office accessories. And don’t worry—if you already stocked up on heavy-duty envelopes and custom check paper, we have another idea in store.
Let’s leave a mark
Don’t we all strive to be more polished? More businesslike? The mark of a true professional should be in his or her productivity. But in reality, outward appearances are everything. To improve your reputation, you have to play a certain part. Check O Matic helps you and your team step into that role with easy, affordable office solutions. And we don’t mean ‘fake it till you make it.’ Our premium products are the real deal.
Deposit delay? Endorse away
Whether it’s a client noticing your letter with a beautiful stamped signature or the bank teller happily approving your ink-endorsed checks, having high quality office supplies saves you time, money and hassle—all while boosting your credibility in the process.
Our self-inking endorsement stamps help you ensure 100% accuracy and security when submitting checks, bank slips and similar financial documents. For everyday correspondence, using a custom signature stamp puts your grace and confidence on the page. Are you sending out important letters, memos, invitations or invoices? A personalized address stamp also helps seal the deal, exuding absolute professionalism.
Time to burn some rubber
Here at Check O Matic, we want you to MAKE IT till you make it. To support that end, we’re offering a steep discount on all our custom rubber stamps for the duration of June.
Summer Solstice Sale
your purchase of any (2):
Endorsement Stamps
Name & Address Stamps
Signature Stamps
*Feel free to mix and match :)

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