The Benefits Of Using Business Checks

In a world of debit and credit cards and online banking accounts, there is still room for business checks.

Despite the commercials that tell us that writing out a check is tedious and unnecessary, there is much to be said for the security, record-keeping, and advertising capabilities that come with using business checks. These days, new scams used to steal your money and identity are cropping up every day. Thieves may be able to crack your pin number or find out your credit card information and use it with ease, but they will have a far more difficult time finding that information out if you are always, or at least more often, using business checks. Even if you are required to use your credit or debit information to order certain items, do not simply throw up your hands and assume that since the information is out there anyway you may as well use it for everything. It is not an all or nothing risk; every time that you type that information in or swipe your card instead of using your business checks, you are increasing the chance that it will be stolen. If your business checks are stolen, it will take a much more talented thief to successfully copy your handwriting. Furthermore, you will likely notice that your checkbook is missing before you notice purchases on your account using your card that you did not make. Remember, to steal your money using your card, a thief only needs the information, not necessarily the card. For record-keeping purposes, you don't need an Internet connection or electricity to look in your checkbook and find out how much money you have left. Every time you use your business checks, deposit or withdraw money, or use your bank card, you should be recording it in your checkbook. If you do this, it is far more valuable than being able to check your account online. The online balance does not show all of your transactions; some credit transactions will not process until the end of the month, or may take at least a couple of days, and if your business checks have not yet been cashed by their recipients, they will not show up online. To check your online balance, you need a computer or a cell phone with Internet capabilities, which is unnecessary to look at your checkbook. If you are relying on that technology to be able to examine your finances, what will you do if your battery is dead and you have no way to charge it, or if you are out of range for an internet signal? Not only that, if your are purchasing in a store and their credit system is down, writing out a business check can save the day. The benefits do not stop there. Every time someone reads your business name, which will be printed on your business checks, it is advertising. This method of advertising is not very costly compared with newspaper, television, and radio, even if you buy custom checks with your logo printed on them. You may not think this advertising will reach anyone beyond the person you make out the check to, but remember that the bank teller who processes it will see it. If the person bringing it to the bank goes inside the branch to do their business, there is potential for other bank customers to see at least the logo. Furthermore, if you make out business checks in a store, any other customer has the potential to see it while you are writing it out, as do the employees at the store. Do not underestimate the power of visual stimulation, especially the power of that visual stimulation in conjunction with the happy feeling of receiving money on the part of the check's recipient. It is not hard to revolutionize your financial methods to affect a positive change in the security and ease of record-keeping of your business finances, while taking advantage of an unexpected form of advertising. All you need to do is order yourself some customized business checks and start using them.

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