The Benefits Of Using Quickbooks Checks

Overview of Quickbooks Checks Businesses that switch from writing checks on normal bank security paper to using Quickbooks Checks

dramatically reduce the chances for check fraud to occur. The statistics of check fraud happen to one in four businesses, and by using the Quickbooks check system will eliminate the chances of losing money.


Types of Quickbooks Checks

When businesses use Quickbooks Checks, there are two types of checks to choose from. There are the normal voucher checks which provide many security features, and there are the Secure Plus checks that offer nine additional security features. These checks are specifically designed for printing checks with the Quickbooks program. Business owners are also able to purchase any type of voucher checks to print on. These checks will not have the many security features as Quickbooks Checks. The voucher checks with fewer features will create a higher risk in check fraud; so it may be worth the money to purchase the original checks with increased features.

Quickbooks Checks Security Features The standard Quickbooks Checks have thirteen security features that are embedded in the paper. These checks are able to be used in both business and personal use.

There are four features that stand out that these checks provide to users.

• The paper will react if someone uses an ink eradicator chemical on it; which makes it difficult to alter the check without detection.

• There is micro printing on the back of the check so small; it looks like tiny broken lines with the human eye. However, if this check is copied, the printing will come out blurry.

• Quickbooks Checks contain a high resolution border that has many different gradients of color so it is almost impossible to reproduce.

The Secure Plus Quickbook Checks offer nine additional features to the thirteen that the standard voucher checks offer.

There are five features that will deter any check fraud out there.

• When looking at the check paper, there are fibers that are visible with the naked eye. Scam artists will not be able to reproduce these fibers when duplicating these checks.

• There is a Check Lock custom pantograph on the front of each check, which produces a word all over the check in order to prevent fraud.

• Another great feature these checks offer is embedded fluorescent fibers that detectable when under UV light. These fibers will not be picked up if someone copies the check.

• There is an exclusive watermark that Quickbooks Checks have embedded in the paper that will show up if it gets wet. The watermarks will not be picked up on a copy of the check.

• There is a security weave on the back that is impossible to duplicate through copying. Business owners are now able to protect their companies through the use of Quickbooks Checks. These checks have more features than an ordinary voucher check has in order to prevent check fraud.

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