The Need for a Business to use Quickbooks Checks

Before anyone, or business, switches what they're doing, they have to look at the benefits and costs.

The benefits of using Quickbooks Checks are many, and the costs are extremely low as compared to conventional checking accounts. In contrast to the cost, the convenience is extremely handy when going through multiple transactions in a day. To know all the benefits of using this system, read on and see for yourself. A Quick Overview Businesses and individuals that decide to make the change from writing traditional checks to using Quickbooks will immediately start cutting the chances for fraud. This type of check writing system is infamous for not losing track of a dime, making fraud all but impossible. Various Types of Checks There are two different types of checks for a business to compare and choose from when utilizing Quickbooks Checks. There are the standard Quickbooks checks referred to as voucher checks, and then there is the security enhanced Secure Plus variety of check. These checks are used when wanting to print checks using the computer based check system. Businesses or individuals can purchase and use any type of voucher check that meets their fancy. The downside for buying outside checks to print on is that they will not feature the same security safeguards as a Quickbooks Checks. These checks with fewer safety features will leave the business owner or account holder open to a higher chance of fraud. In the end, that high amount of risk makes it more than worth it to just buy the original checks with increased security. Multiple Security Features There are multiple security features for Quickbooks Checks, 13 in all. These features, like a dollar bill, are engrained in the paper. The top features that stand out are only 4, but they are crucial for maintaining a high level of security. The first of the four most important features is a built in ink eradicator reaction. Each check will have a permanent and defacing effect if any type of chemical is used that can erase ink. That makes any forgery very difficult to perform without immediate notice. The second most important security feature of Quickbooks Checks is the micro printing that exists on the back of each check. To the average person, it will appear to be only a few broken lines. In reality, it is a deterrent. If the check goes through a copying process, then the line will be blurred, making a forgery very evident. The third most effective security measure Quickbooks Checks utilize is a high-grade multi-color border. The intensity and differences in color make it nearly impossible to duplicate accurately. The final security feature that is incorporated into these checks is the visible fibers. There a re a total of nine other features that are unique to Quickbooks Checks and make them nearly impossible to duplicate. Keeping these security benefits in mind, you’ll find Quickbooks Checks more than worth the any time spent on set up.

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