Top Ways To Lower Theft With Business Checks

As a business owner, you are trying to increase your bottom line. What you do not need is theft of your business checks or accounts.

There are people and organizations that are trying to get to money that you have created. You can stop them in their tracks with the following simple tricks. When you have business checks there is usually only one line set up to be able to make the check legitimate. One way that you can cut down on external and internal temptations of theft is by making it necessary to have more than one signature to authorize payments. The larger the company the more this makes sense. You will not have a single person that can get to the accounts to embezzle funds or try and steal. Another feature that you might want to implement on your business checks is to have a watermark or other safety feature which prevents people from creating counterfeit checks. This works by creating a symbol or emblem of your choice within the check that can only be seen with the naked eye by holding it at a certain angle. Should this mark not be present it will not be cashed. You should also monitor all accounts that you have your business checks setup. How can you tell if there is something is out of the norm if you are not constantly checking it. Those that forge checks can get access to your account and quickly deplete it, if you are not sure of what to look out for. If anything looks unusual then it is in your best interest to investigate it. Just having your own internal systems in place is not enough. You should also get with your bank or other financial institution to monitor your business checks and accounts. They spend millions of dollars each year to prevent theft. Let them know that you are concerned and want to have them also protect your accounts. They can also notify you if duplicate checks are written and attempted to be cashed or if signatures do not match ones that they have on file. You can also get software programs which will allow you to print out your own business checks. There are humans working everywhere, so there is a chance that someone that works with a checking printing company might be tempted to steal. Do not give them the opportunity. When you create your own checks it prevent them from getting access to your account number or other vital information to be used later. As more and more people start their companies they find that there are multiple ways that people can steal from their accounts. You can limit their ability by printing out your own checks, getting water marks or symbols to prevent counterfeit checks, and make it necessary for multiple persons to sign a check for authenticity. Business checks do not have to be a potential threat if you do not let them. Protect your company.

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