Transitioning to Computer Checks

In the past, it has been easier for many small business owners to maintain the status quo in regards to their payroll and accounting practices without using printed Computer Checks.

Employees who have learned over the years exactly how to manage the system that has been in place and everyone was either too busy or to intimidated to try any of the newer computerized accounting programs that have become available over the last several years. In fact, when accounting software was first introduced into the marketplace, it was often very difficult to learn how to use and special equipment was required to fully use any of the printing features. Additionally, both the software and printers required were often prohibitively expensive for smaller businesses. Fortunately, the newest accounting software is priced competitively and computer checks can now be printed on a standard ink jet or laser printer. The same printers that business use to print out letters, memos, flyers, and various other items can also be used to print computer checks. With no new accessories to buy, transitioning to accounting software (like QuickBooks) and computer checks makes more sense than ever. Not only is it more financially feasible for small businesses to use computer checks now, it is also infinitely easier to use the programs that make printing computer checks possible. The software is very user friendly and typically requires simply clicking the options the business prefers to fill in vendor or employee information. Once information has been entered into the program, it can be saved to eliminate the need to repeat the process every time. Ordering computer checks is just as easy. You simply choose the style, color, and text you want to appear on the computer checks along with your bank information and you are ready to place your order. There is no need to fill out paperwork that you have to mail in or carry in to your bank. You can order your computer checks online from the comfort of your office whenever your schedule permits. At Checkomatic we offer quick, friendly, and fast customer service. We believe that the secret to keeping our customers coming back for more is to make their buying experience as quick and painless as possible. Add in our Low Price Guarantee, and you'll see that we really care about keeping you, our customers, happy! Computer checks can make your business run more efficiently and are just as easy to order as traditional checks. We will save you time and money. Transition your small business to computer checks today. Once you see what you have been missing, you will wonder why it took you so long to make the change.

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