Using Printed Envelopes In Everyday Living

As the economy in many countries has soured, many people have begun a return to simpler,

more elegant times, by using small luxury items such as printed envelopes. Stay-cations, dinner parties have become all the rage in many of the country’s towns and cities, and along with it have come a return to the printed, monogrammed, and embossed envelopes, cards, and notes. While the concept is not new, the many uses and ways in which printed envelopes can be utilized may surprise you. For example, one of the ways in which many people are using these envelopes is to have the name and address applied to the envelopes, instead of using an adhesive return label. This usually costs a few pennies, but makes such a great impression. And it saves time too! Another good use for personally printed business envelopes is for that ‘wow’ factor when sending out business correspondence, especially resumes. Attention to detail, even in the printed envelope, can set the tone for the prospective employer. Indeed, placing your resume in the ‘keep’ pile is the goal, and as such good quality paper, and printed envelopes go a long way toward putting you one step ahead of the competition. Designs and logos can be placed anywhere on the printed envelopes, and so many people are opting to choose a graphic that depicts their personality, hobby, or organization. This makes your letters immediately recognizable when they come in the mail. Still others are taking the printed envelope to new heights. Some use the pre-printed envelopes to organize bills, collect coupons, even store away scrapbook memorabilia. And, of course, we’ve all seen those holiday printed envelopes that have the family picture included on it. This makes the card giving, or the family letter meaningful and special. Many organizations utilize the pre-printed envelopes for donations. Associations use them for fees that are due. Many churches utilize them for special offering envelopes. Still others include the envelopes with postage paid stamps on them so that the donation can be easily placed in the mail. You can see how this would increase donations, when the work is already done for them. Whether you are looking to utilize the printed envelope for personal or business use, it can be a great time saver, and in the long run, budget friendly. In the past, many people put off these types of expenditures because they simply were not needed any longer. They believed that with the advent of the Internet and email that personal correspondence would fall to the wayside. However, it is easy to see that not only is it here to stay, but it has enjoyed a resurgence that indicates all savvy people have begun to order printed envelope for all their postal needs.

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