Using Printed Envelopes Saves Time And Costs

Guest Post By: Anna E. Business Events I run a small business as an event planner, coordinating events and meetings. I send out a lot of mail,

and buying printed envelopes ahead of time gives me more time to work at coordinating and planning the perfect event. The point of my business is not to focus on the day-to-day operations, but to highlight the clients’ desires. I started this business out of my home. As a home user, I can’t afford truly professional equipment. Time is money when you work for yourself, and when you are sending out mail that represents my business I want it to look as professional as possible. The hardware and software available to me as a small business is just not up to the job. Color laser printers are far outside my budget, and while inkjets work for basic designs and mailers, they don’t really do more than one business envelope at a time. I send out invitations and mailers for many different events, and print many different designs and fonts, depending on whether I’m planning a wedding or a business retreat. My choice as a business owner is to do it myself, or outsource the printing process. Printing out business envelopes on my own equipment would be tedious and time-consuming. In addition, inkjet printers are notorious for jamming if the envelope isn’t placed in the slot exactly as it’s supposed to be, and the vibrant colors and professional quality that some flyers require use up ink and can be smeared if the ink supply runs low. I won’t even go into bad ink cartridges and the problems they present. In addition to the time expenditure, I often need printed business envelopes in different colors. Basic white is great for business, but sometimes I get a client that wants pink or taupe, for example. I do not have the storage space for large amounts of paper goods in various colors. Purchasing business envelopes in small lots increases my costs, which I then have to pass on to my clients. Buying my printed envelopes from another company is so much easier on my time and budget. All I have to do is send out the information with my font and color requirements, and I get back beautiful, professional-quality envelopes that highlight my business exactly as I wish. I can charge a little less, which keeps my clientele happy. Time is money. In this economy, every little bit helps; buying printed envelopes allows me to give my clients exactly what they are asking for. The time and money I save allows me to focus on their needs, not the behind-the-scenes drudgery of my job. This personalized touch brings me almost more recommendations than handle; all of which means I purchase more envelopes, which keeps the printers in business as well.

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