Warm up your holiday marketing campaigns with colorful postal packaging


Scarves and mittens. Pumpkins and squash. Mashed potatoes and gravy. These autumn essentials go together like copy and paste. As we exit the final stages of fall and enter the festive holiday season, it’s time to discover your business’s perfect pairing. Find an ideal marketing match for your mailers, invoices, memos and more at Check O Matic.


Try your hand at technicolor


Maximizing your direct mail impact doesn’t have to come at a high cost. Yes, an oversized envelope tends to grab attention, but heavier weight means a heavier price tag. For a subtler, more economical strategy, order your envelopes with a pop of color.


This unexpected tactic makes your recipient want to rip open the correspondence out of sheer curiosity. Choose a hue in line with your brand palette, or perhaps a seasonal shade to commemorate the holidays. Whatever you desire, Check O Matic offers a variety of colorful #10 office envelopes featuring windows, gummed seals and other convenient features, making them great for everything from bills to flyers to paychecks.


Picking a playful color sends a special message to clients and employees during the months of November and December. Still, if your services are in the reserved realms of banking, finance or law, consider a more formal way to promote your business. Pick up a custom signature stamp to add a warm, personalized touch to your various communications. It’s a simple supply that offers an amazing return on investment.


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