What Kind of Checks Should I Order for My Business

If you operate a business, then you know a little something about business checks. Regardless of if you have employees or not,

you need checks to run a normal day to day operation. The easiest way to obtain them is by ordering business checks online. What Kind of Checks Should I Order for My Business The type of checks you will want to order will really come down to preference or if you use a certain software for your payroll needs, you will want to choose one that is compatible with it. When ordering your business checks online you will be able to select your bookkeeping software first to see what is available or you can just choose what you wish if you do not use software. There are many different types of business checks. Do not feel overwhelmed when ordering your business checks online. Take your time and see what fits your company needs best. Make sure you know what payroll or accounts payable software your company uses before trying to order, as some checks do not work well with all software. Here are some of them: Business Checks on Top These checks are the most common ordered by businesses. They are compatible with many of the payroll software available. This is the most common and popular choice due to the fact they do provide multipurpose voucher checks including two stubs. This way you can keep a copy for your records and give one to the employee, vendor, etc. Businesses have the capability of tracking payroll and accounts payable with this choice of check. The name comes in to play because the actual check portion is printed on the top of the document. This type of check is well suited for companies that have one main, general bank account. Business Checks in Middle As you probably have guessed, these business checks print the check portion in the middle of the document. Peachtree is the main software that uses this check style. The top portion of the printout is for book keeping and the bottom printout portion is for the payee. Business Checks 3 On Page This style is laser printed and used predominately by QuickBooks software. It is exceptional in the fact that it saves on extra vouchers by printing 3 checks on one page, hence the name. Business Checks on Bottom The actual check portion is printed on the bottom of the document with this style. It is used by multiple types of software for payroll and accounts payable needs. All of these business checks can be ordered online and have different styles, colors, and backgrounds to choose from. It is not hard at all to order checks. In fact, the main thing you need to know is what software you use. With this knowledge, buying checks for your company can be a breeze. As you can see, it quite simple to order your business checks online.

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