What Type Of Checks Can Be Printed On Quickbooks And How To Do It

Many people think that all checks are the same when using and printing QuickBooks Checks.

The truth is there are several different types of checks that can be made with this software. How to print them can be just as deceptive to do as well, if you don’t know exactly what to do. The Four Types of Checks for QuickBooks Checks The four different types of checks usable in the Quickbooks Checks software are the Voucher Checks, Standard Checks, Office and Away Checks, and finally there are Wallet Checks. Voucher checks are located the top of the check page with two stubs that can be torn off at the bottom. These are the most popular checks for payroll, but only one per page can be costly if you have employees in the double digits. One stub can be given to the employee and one kept for the employer’s records. This type of Quickbooks Checks can be used on both laser and continuous printers. Standard checks with Quickbooks Checks are faster to print because there are 3 checks per page. This is the most used option for regular vendors that need to have a stub or payment details. It's also a choice if you want to have less paper records and more electronic ones. Using this method, all the information will be electronically stored in your Quickbooks Checks software. These checks can also be used with either a laser or continuous dot printer. Away Checks are very close to being the same as a standard check. Just like the standard check, there are 3 checks on each page. The main difference is that the checks are hole punched to fit into a 3-ring office binder for easy access and organization. These checks are meant for what they sound, when you are away from the office. Away checks are the most professional way to present yourself when needing to write a check using QuickBooks Checks outside your home office. Wallet Checks are for personal use in place of checks from a personal bank. They are the most popular type of check used in the QuickBooks Checks system. Like most of the other choices of checks, this type has three checks on each page. How to Write QuickBooks Checks Open your QuickBooks Checks software and click on the File Menu. After that, click on print forms and then click checks. Next, select the right bank account from which the funds will be drawn. All the checks that are already prepared for printing will be highlighted and checked for printing by default. Enter the check number, and then click OK. Next, you need to verify the printer you are going to use, this is very important if you own multiple printers at your home or business. Make sure that the check style you selected matches the style of check you want to print on. Finally, hit the PRINT button to start the Quickbooks Checks final printing process.

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5/26/2022 2:23 AM
I need to update my check writing software.  What do you recommend that is compatible with QB?