Which Printer should I buy?

Deciding what kind of printer you want to purchase  inkjet, laser, or multifunction can be confusing. Here are some helpful tips to Consider. Printer compatible with QuickBooks HP laser printer 1200 or 1300 series are very good but only if you are going to use full pages checks, 1 check per page, But if you are going to use the 3 in 1 type, the EPSON or cannon Inkjets are better because they got the load paper on the back and also it starts printing right after the beginning of the paper, so its very easy to enter a single check 5.50 x 3.0 without twisting or smudging the checks. HP Bottom load are not very good with half or quarter page checks. Type of Cartridge Make sure that the cartridges used in the printer are easily obtained and do not cost too much. In my experience it is easy to get cartridges for Epson, Hewlett Packard and Canon printers at reasonable prices. Several companies refurbish print head cartridges - mainly Hewlett Packard and Canon. I have not seen comparable supplies of cartridges for other makes. Dont Buy a Combination Printer and Scanner It is always best to get your printer and scanner separately. I have encountered many instances where either one or the other part has failed. The result has been that the whole machine has become a useless pile of junk. Scanners are becoming less popular and scarcer now as more and more people switch to digital photography. If you need a scanner, get one that will do the job you want to do with it. What Resolution do I Need? If you are going to be using your laser printer for text, then 600—600 resolution is usually sufficient. Otherwise, go for at least 1200—1200. Fast Enough Because one of the reasons to get a laser printer is speed, take a close look at the page per minute (ppm) speeds. A home laser printer should be capable of at least 15-20ppm; more expensive printers can get a lot faster. Network Printer If youre planning to share your laser printer with others, then make sure that it is network-capable. Some of the lower-cost home units can only be used by a single computer. Hope this help, if you have anything to add please leave a Comment.

Align Checks with Printer - A question i have been asked by many customers is how do I align my check lines in QuickBooks so the text is not out of position when I print my Computer quickbooks checks? So here is the QuickBooks alignment feature for Laser Inkjet Printers. Go to File/Printer setup  from the Form Name drop down select Check/PayCheck and click Align, here is where you adjust your Vertical and Horizontal settings, print a sample to make sure you got it right and click Ok. Now that was easy. you are ready to print your computer checks

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