Window And Double Window Envelopes

The convenience of window and double window envelopes ultimately saves time for a more effective use of resources.

With the ability to print address information on the letter inside these envelopes, office workers and companies present a professional and efficient form of correspondence. While regular envelopes require that sender and recipient names and addresses be printed or handwritten on the outside, window envelopes eliminate this extra step. The small window allows a portion of the letter inside to be viewed. When address information is positioned on the enclosed letter in such a way that it lines up with this window, it serves its purpose both within and without. This eliminates the need to manually add an address to the envelope. Even a small effort or a few minutes saved can add up. Over time, the minutes saved entering address information on the outside of envelopes can accrue to hours. This time can be better used by companies and their employees taking care of more important aspects of the business. Budget conscious companies understand the value of this concept and prefer window envelopes to regular ones. With the mass amounts of correspondence leaving their premises on a daily basis, the value of the window envelope quickly adds up. In addition to the window envelopes, the double window envelope further simplifies the letter sending process. This envelope features two windows – one for the recipient’s name and address and another for the sender’s name and address information. These envelopes are available in a couple of different styles with windows in slightly different positions. This allows them to be used with various programs for greater convenience. Although businesses are the biggest fans of this kind of innovative envelope, some choose to use these envelopes for their personal correspondence. In this case, it is usually the sheer convenience of window envelopes that attracts an individual to use them. Again, the lure of saving even a little bit of time in an otherwise hectic schedule makes these envelopes a popular choice. The most popular size for window envelopes is 4-1/8” by 9-1/2.” This is the size that is ideal for a regular 8-1/2” by 11” piece of paper most commonly used. However, smaller and larger envelope sizes are available for special documents. Manufacturers of window and double window envelopes make them with varying sizes of windows. This ensures that customers will be able to fit all information in a window so that it is easily viewable to postal workers. Many envelope companies also allow customers to special order custom envelopes with specific window dimensions for all their needs. Innovative and convenient, window and double window envelopes help save time and money for an easy and successful correspondence experience.

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