Window Envelopes Cut Costs And Save Headaches

Sometimes the best “new” thing isn’t new at all. It’s something that we ignore, until suddenly the light bulb comes on.

Window envelopes are just one of those things. You’ve been getting bills in them forever, but you never thought about how they could help your business – until now. Lots of things have changed over the last few years, but window envelopes still offer the same great features that have made them essential to businesses for so long. What made them so great? For one, window envelopes have saved millions of hours and dollars in address printing costs. Your business runs hundreds of checks a month, all with the payee information neatly printed on the stub of those attractive laser checks. Why print it again on the envelope? You’ve done the work once, be done with it. And of course window and double window envelopes save a huge headache. Imagine this scenario: you printed 237 checks. It was a struggle, but you managed to extract the names and addresses for the 237 payees from your accounting software and get them into a program that prints envelopes. You even managed to get them organized in the same order as the checks. Finally, after test printing three envelopes, the printing the first fifty addresses upside down on the back of the envelopes anyway, you get them all done right, with addresses neatly printed on the front of the envelopes. Only an hour or two of stuffing envelopes left. You’re stuffing the 226th envelope when you notice something funny. The check is for a person named Johnson but the envelope is addressed to Smith. Uh-oh! You check envelope 225 and find Jonson’s address. With envelopes and checks flying, you rip through the pile of sealed envelopes for an hour until you find that envelope number 53 was missing. Now, facing the carnage of your check run and envelope printing misadventure, the way out of this jam occurs to you: window envelopes. With window envelopes, you can stuff any check in any envelope. Just make sure your accounting software prints the addresses in the right place on your check stubs, and ba-da-bing, your work is done. No struggling to create address lists for other software. No upside-down envelopes in the printer. No mismatched piles of checks and envelopes. Saving a big headache is more than enough reason to use window envelopes. But you know that saving that headache also saves you time that you can invest in more important work. It also saves you money by reducing toner use and wear on your printer or copier. And if you lease a printer or copier, you’re paying out of pocket for every single print, so you’ll see a difference immediately. New things might come and go, but some things stand the test of time. Window envelopes have stood the test of time because their still a good idea!

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