Your Business Checks - What Do They Say About You

If you own a small business or a large corporation, you have come to realize that your business checks need to be a lot different than your personal checks.

Your employees and your clients are going to have a different set of expectations than the grocery store down the street. In fact, most people have gotten to the point in their personal banking lives where they may not even use checks anymore. However, business checks are a different matter altogether. One factor to think about and keep in mind is the look and feel of your business checks. Just like the business card you hand your clients, your business checks represent your business. Think of your checks almost like an employee. You would never send an employee to the office of a client dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, so do not send a check to their office that looks like a cocktail napkin. Your business checks should show the same care and attention that your own personal attire says when a client sees them. Cost is, of course, a factor for some business checks. If you are going to be using business checks for payroll and also for clients, you may wish to consider using two different sets of checks. Payroll checks do not need to have the same frills and fancy look that a clients check would need, but there may be a need for a few extra security features to ensure they are never forged. A clients check, on the other hand, should be a piece of art to look at and will most likely not need the same security features built in. Your business checks also need to have your name, address and logo clearly printed on them. This may seem like an obvious point, but it does need to be said. If a client puts your business checks in with others and then hands them to either an accountant or another department, confusion can set in if no one knows where these funds came from. This could cause a delay in business and confusion that makes a client shy away from you in the future. In the end, it is your business check that may stand out in the mind of a client or a vendor. True class comes from having every aspect of your business speak the same elegant language. From your attire, your employees look, your business card, your correspondence, and finally your payment, everything should say you are a business worth continuing a relationship with. Do not forget that your business checks may be the last thing that a client sees. Make sure that your client remembers your business as one with style and class.

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