Your Business Envelope, First Impressions Count

The fact is that your business is represented by every piece of communication you use. Whether it is a phone call,

a customer service representative, or even something as simple as an envelope, these simple things are the building blocks of how a customer or client perceives your company. Therefore, you can think of your business and window envelopes as another representative of your business and/or company. When you put this simple fact into your mind, it becomes very important to choose wisely. Just like you would review resumes for new employees, you should scrutinize your methods of business communication carefully. One aspect that makes this so important is the fact that you have very little control over the client’s perceptions once the envelope leaves your office. You do not have a chance to see the reactions of your clients when they first get your mail. They will either read your information, or throw it away as junk mail. Everyone has gotten one of those emails that you open and then immediately delete, or gone to a website only to immediately turn away. This is because the email or website looks just like a thousand other advertisement emails and scam website. It does not matter what the email or website has to say, if it looks like an infomercial, then we delete it. The same is true for business mail. You can be sending a check to a client, and if it looks too much like a piece of junk mail, then that check goes straight into the trash. The business or window envelope you choose makes the first impression for you and it is very important. You also want your business mail to send the same message that you would send in person. Some businesses want to project a very professional message, while other companies want energy and zest to be the first impression. All of these things and more can be done by choosing the proper business and window envelopes. Think of your business mail as your salesman in the field. You would never send a salesman into a client’s home dressed like they were going to the beach, so do not send your business mail in anything less than the most professional envelopes possible. Many businesses think that in order to get attention in the mail that they need to use flashy and colorful envelopes. This is not the case. Most of the time a business will want to use professional and subtle printed envelopes, even if the mail inside is supposed to project an energetic message. Subtle and classy gets more attention than flashy and colorful. The business envelope gets attention by being different than the mail surrounding it, and this is often done by playing down the level of energy rather than going overboard in the other direction.

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