Easy To Use Computer Checks

With the skyrocketing costs and fees associated with doing business with banks in today’s market,

computer checks can offer small business owners on a budget another option to ordering high quality, easily personalized checks for their business. The ease of using printable checks means that virtually anyone, regardless of computer knowledge, can design, personalize, and print their own checks from their own printer. Personalization of checks is expensive when going through a conventional bank. Every logo or line can cost extra. By creating your checks with printable software and printing them from your own computer, you can reduce costs while featuring your own company’s logo and all the payment information necessary for those who redeem your computer checks. You don’t have to worry about safety with computer checks. There are many security features associated with these printable checks that include micro-printed borders that are invisible to the eye, watermarks printed on the back, and specially printed endorsement lines. These security features mean you don’t have to worry about your checks being forged. They are as safe as using bank checks. For printing high volumes of checks, all that is recommended is a laser printer. Inkjets aren’t usually recommended due to the fact that the way the ink is transferred to the paper often means a lesser quality of printing. But with a laser printer, your business can easily print computer checks that are personalized with your company logo and information. The software is easy to use and users can even save their information so that there is no need to fill out the forms every time computer checks need to be printed. These checks are compatible with the most common accounting software, Quickbooks. Using computer checks not only gives you the advantage of having attractive checks to give to venders, use for payroll, purchasing, and other needs, but it allows you to save time by not having to deal with the banks or online reordering and saves on shipping fees associated with ordering bulk checks online. Ordering computer checks is easy and fast. Simply browse the site for the style, colors, and printable paper that best fits your company's image, choose what you like and then personalize it. You can add company logos, images, and all the information needed for recipients to redeem your checks. You’ll need your bank routing number and account number to be printed on the check. Checkomatic prides itself on providing superior, high quality computer checks for your business for the most competitive prices. We offer many specials, a Low Price Guarantee and excellent customer service including online live help operators as well as traditional customer service via phone. For the best, professional looking, personalized checks for your business, let Checkomatic provide for all your needs.

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