How To Write And Print Quickbooks Checks

If you're on the fence with the idea of using Quickbooks Checks, it may help to know what to do once you have the system.

Maybe you already have the system and need a quick crash course on how to use it properly? Either way, here is the fastest and most effective way to write a check using the Quickbooks system. Once you learn the system, it’s simple and fast. Start off by opening the software. When looking through the main menu, click "start" and then move to the Programs icon. From that menu, choose the Quickbooks Checks software. A new menu will appear on the screen and will give you a list of different options to choose from. Click on the selection that says "Banking." When the new page loads, click on the "Write Checks" icon. That will lead you to a new page that will list "Bank Account" as a drop down option. Take that option to the "Add New" icon that appears in a new drop list. That's where you enter the proper account information. The beautiful thing about the Quickbooks Checks system is the speed it offers once the information is put in. For quicker results, you can add payee's names and information to a quick list. Simply choose the "Quick Add" option. That will let you enter the name of the payee to a database. Then choose "Set up" to input the information of the payee. The next step is to enter the specific dollar amount into the proper space of the online Quickbooks Checks. This is simple and straightforward. The next step, like any check, is filling in the proper information in the memo fields. It's necessary to make sure you actually print the check after you're finished. To do this, check the box on the screen that is labeled "To be Printed." By doing that you will ensure that it is printed-off later. Next, be sure to click the icon that says "Expenses." That's where the check writer will be able to enter any information about that particular account that he or she finds necessary. This can be the date of the next purchase or any information that may not be related to the current purchase. The speed and ease of these functions is what makes QuickBooks Checks one of the most useful and expedient systems around. The final step is to print the check you just wrote. Click the "Home" box and then click on the "Print check" from the "Bank" area. Click on the checks you see that need printing and then click the OK icon. That will cause the print window to pop up in the Quickbooks Checks software, and then click "Print." Also check out an older post to learn how to use multiple versions of Quickbooks on one computer to

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