Laser Checks Give You A Competitive Advantage

Most of us have heard the old saying: “You only get one chance to make a good first impression.”

Laser checks can help you make that great impression! In today’s competitive market, the most successful companies are the companies that employ the tactic known as “guerilla marketing.” That is, use each and every opportunity to let someone know about your business; if you let enough prospects know about you, a sale will eventually follow. Laser checks are a great way to reinforce your corporate identity to all your creditors. It starts with your company logo. Your logo is often the first impression you will give a prospective client or customer. It is on your business cards, brochures, envelopes, and other marketing materials. Everyone who sees your corporate logo forms an impression of your professionalism. Now, with laser checks, you can also give that first impression when you send out payments; in fact, checks may be handled more times than you think. Think about the company logo of your favorite national brand soft drink company. Even when you are driving down the freeway, at 70 mph, you can identify their large logo on the side of the delivery truck before you can read the name of the company. The logo is on the side of every company’s large trucks for a reason. The more times you see a logo, the more likely you are to remember the company. The more ingrained your logo is on a person’s memory, the more likely they are to purchase from you. Laser checks offer one more way for you to present your logo to an audience. Here is an example of how many people may see your laser check. Say that you owe $50 to XYZCo. You mail funds to XYZCo in the form of a laser check. The receivables clerk at XYZCo will post the check to your account and process her payment batch. She will send the check to be deposited at her bank. The bank teller will see your laser check and handle it. The bank teller will send the check back to a check clearing house, where it will be processed and sent back to your own bank. In this simplified check cashing scenario, there are four parties who have touched your laser check. This scenario gives you three chances to make a great impression on three prospective customers in the form of your company logo on the check. Laser checks give the appearance of a company that is established and organized. With laser checks you won’t be hastily scribbling out checks until you have writer’s cramp. Your checks will be clean looking, professional looking, and attractive. Your company logo will be included, elevating you above your competition. The next time you need to re-order, please consider laser printer checks. These checks give you a competitive advantage you may never have thought about!

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