Laser Checks Provide Cost Effective Ways To Pay

Laser checks have been around for a while but how good are they. They are printed by virtually every major business.

But, the ease of use and cost effectiveness of the checks is beginning to grow into the small business world. The availability and options the laser printer checks provide has to be a factor in their increasing popularity. First, we will examine the ease of use of these laser checks. Ordering the checks is as simple as placing an order online or ordering from your bank. The options don’t stop there; you can also pick up blank checks at your local big box store as well. If you use Quicken or Quickbooks checks can be ordered for the software you have. Secondly, the cost effectiveness of using laser checks is astounding. pre-printed Checks can run you as little as 14.95 and go up from there. The time reduction you or your staff spends writing checks every month will save you many hours and maybe even a reduction in staff. Blank checks are cheaper than preprinted checks but the cost of ink could outweigh the cost difference. Next, we will look at the security features available for laser checks. MICR encoding of the checks will reduce check fraud. There are several different companies that you can order software from to provide MICR encoding. Another option is to buy a separate printer that will provide the MICR encoding that use blank checks. The availability of laser checks is astounding. Virtually every check producer sells them. This helps drive down the cost of ordering. However, the cheapest may not always be better because they may lack quality. Banks, big box stores and retailers online provide checks for purchase. There are many options available when ordering laser checks. You can order 1-3 checks per page depending on use. The checks also come preprinted or blank. 50 checks seem to be the minimum order but you can order 2000 or more in a single order. Some websites also offer different sizes of checks. Wallet sized checks are great for paying bills. The ease of use and cost reductions in the use of laser printers has to be a real advantage to any user large or small. The security options available to businesses and home users do help reduce check fraud. Availability from thousands of locations is a benefit to some degree. The options of products for writing checks make it easier to produce them. I must admit that writing checks through your computer has to be a wonderful idea but, what about the costs of setting it up for the average person or business. The cost of a laser printer has become cheaper over the years but how much does the average household need it? MICR encoding technology is great but, can the average consumer afford the cost of security to prevent fraud? My thoughts on this are that it isn’t exactly cost effective for the average consumer to purchase hundreds of dollars of software and printers to write checks when for less money they can simply write them out. For the average business this could be a time and money saver. In closing, the cost associated with printing checks just outweighs the savings for the average consumer.

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