Laser Checks Save Money And Time

The cost of processing checks keeps going up. laser checks are one of the most convenient and easy ways a business can control the ever

increasing costs of processing checks though a bank or a payroll service. Banks keep tacking on fees to checking to improve their bottom line. Costs per laser checks rates keep increasing, minimum numbers of check fees are on the rise, and the general attitude of banks seems to be they just do not want to deal with your company’s check processing needs any more. Laser checks ends the need for higher bank check processing rates and increasing fees. Payroll processing is always a headache for any business. You have to do all the real accounting work yourself then transfer the information to a payroll processing company that charges you an arm and a leg to process the payroll and is always insistent that any errors are your fault. Laser checks ends this cost and the hassle involved. Laser checks can be designed for your company with any information you want. A multitude of color options is available. Any logo or special message you want on the check can be easily made for you. Laser check work with every accounting software package and program on the market. Quickbooks, Quicken, Microsoft Money, MYOB, Peachtree, MAS 200, MAS 90, DacEasy Payroll, and many more payroll processing software packages are supported. One of the best and most important advantages of laser checks is the formatting. You get to pick the format that is compatible with your software. You also pick the presentation of information that you are most comfortable with and that your employees have become accustomed to seeing. The change over is seamless and fast. The best thing about laser checks is lower costs. The price per check is minimal compared to a bank processed check or a payroll processing companies check. Your costs are limited to the check cost and laser toner. You pay no other costs for what you once paid three to ten times as much for. Convenience is a great feature of laser checks. No waiting. No phone calls to make a change or get a special set of bonus checks printed and sent to you. You are in control of when any check gets printed. Financial control is a must have for any company and laser checks adds to the security of your financial control system. The systems involved let you track who printed the check, when it was printed, who got paid, and how much they got paid. This feature is a must have for cash flow control and is particularly advantageous to the company that borrows money regularly to meet payroll. Lower costs, more control, flexibility, and convenience make laser checks a smart business decision.

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