Personalizing Computer Checks for Your Business

Personalized computer checks are the hallmark of professionalism. In today's market, brand recognition is crucial to the success of every business

and all corporate documents should be branded for instant recognition. Professional image makes an impression on both suppliers and clients. Elements of professionalism enhances trust, a valuable market commodity. The Elements of Branding Logo Your logo is the most important element of the branding process and should be present on every printed computer check and document associated with your company from business cards to billboards. If you already have a company logo, you have two choices for computer checks printing. You can order your checks with the company logo already printed on the face of every check, or you can order black check stock and print your logo along with the check details. If you have a logo you are not fully satisfied with, order blank check stock and print the logo with the checks. That way, if you decide to update your logo later, you can start using the new logo immediately. Company Name This may sound like a no-brainer, but there are a few lees obvious things to consider about the company name. You'll need to decide on a specific font and use it for everything. Many companies avoid trendy or fancy fonts and stick with easily readable, classic fonts available standard on most computers. Going that route ensures that you'll always have the font available if you run out of printed materials and have to produce a document on the fly. Other companies create a unique proprietary font specifically for company use. Coca-Cola, for example, uses an iconic font developed for the company. You can download a copycat font that looks similar, but the official font belongs to Coca-Cola. Color Scheme Color is an important style element. As part of the branding process, the color background of your computer checks should complement your logo and corporate documents, or it should be a traditional blue, white, or green background. Signature Some companies use a rubber stamp signature, but a signature saved in a transparent .gif or .png format and printed right on the check with the details can be a real time-saver. It's easy to create a transparent signature element using a scanner and a graphics program, but if you don't have the tools or knowledge to do it, anyone with basic graphics skills can help. There are signature fonts widely available on the Web, but using them is a security risk, since they can be downloaded for use by anyone. Details distinguish one company from another. Personalized computer checks add an extra layer of security while leaving a memorable impression of permanence that helps inspire confidence in clients. Cheap Computer Checks

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