Printed Computer Checks, Do They Save You Time?

Printed computer checks are, in my opinion, better than the hand written checks that you get from your bank. I mean,

who has the time to take out the check book, go to a blank check, write out the check, rip it out of the check book, put it in the register? In most cases all of this can be done using printed computer checks, since you are probably already using a program for your finances. There are some old school people that are out there, but I for one embrace technology. I embrace the convenience that technology gives. Printed computer checks is just one technology break thru that I for one can't live without. Most programs that you have access to, tell you exactly what printed computer checks you need to order. All you have to do is provide your routing number and account number and you are on your way. Think about the time you will save. I use a program that when I tell the system to print a check, it auto fills in the person that I am paying. It also deducted the amount from the register in the system. How much simpler is that than the above mentioned process? So printed computer checks are definitely a faster way of going about business. Whether that business is personal or professional, it is faster no matter how you look at it. Printed computer checks are also a much more secure way of keeping track of your checks. They are normally a full sheet of paper that you keep in a secure spot. In most cases, you are the only one that has access to them and the rights to use that part of your financial program. I know that when I use printed computer checks at my office, there are about four users that have access to the program. Only one has sufficient rights to print out a check. Guess who that might be? Think of it this way. You would only use printed computer checks when you are at your office or at home. When you are out and about town, you are very unlikely to want to write a check these days for anything that you are going to be purchasing. I mean, my bank did not even offer checks to me when I opened the account. I asked them why, and their response was just how I thought. Most people said that they did not want checks. So in a nutshell... If you are still writing checks, I would suggest printed computer checks. Save yourself the time and hassle. Save yourself the worry that you misplaced you check book. Make your life more convenient and have more time for the things you want to be doing.

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