Starting a Business: What Technology Do You Need? Laser Checks and More

Thinking about starting a small business? Every business is unique,

but no matter what kind of business you're contemplating, from a lawn service to a trendy food truck to a retail store, you face similar challenges. Using computer technology effectively is one of them, and it can help with the most confusing part of setting up a business, the finances. Not all of us were cut out to be number crunchers, but nobody can afford to lose sight of the bottom line. Fortunately, it's not expensive to get started. You only need a computer, a printer, and an accounting program. There are a lot of choices for accounting or business intelligence programs to help you manage the office side of your business. Whichever program you choose, the software is fairly inexpensive and very user-friendly. Using a program like QuickBooks or Peachtree, for example, you'll be able to track expenses, payroll, profits, and taxes without expending a lot of effort, which leave you free to develop the ultimate taco or work on new landscaping designs. That's really why you want to start your own business, to indulge your creative vision, right? So why spend your energy organizing receipts and writing checks by hand when you don't have to? Small business owners can even perform office functions in a home office, leaving all the business floor space for product or customer use. Print laser checks to pay bills and payroll, track expenses and stick to your budget, all from the comfort of home…or even from a coffee shop over a large cappuccino. You can replace an entire office with a laptop and a good printer. You can even perform a lot of functions on a smart phone, if you decide to use a cloud computing solution, where the software is online and not on your desktop. If your business calls for travel, secure cloud computing is an ideal solution. Everything is stored online and accessible from anywhere. Every penny saved counts in this economy, and you can save plenty by doing your own accounting to easily watch the bottom line. Professional quality laser checks designed with your logo and colors are very affordable, and printers are easy to find. In no time, you can take your dream from a great idea to a viable business. It's easier than ever today…and for a lot less than dreams used to cost. Investment costs for hardware are very reasonable. You already have a computer - who doesn't? Laser printers used to be pricey, but today's feature-packed top models from well-known names like Lexmark, Epson, and HP start at about $200 and deliver crisp, professional results. That's really all you need to meet your business printing needs. Some of them even offer bells and whistles like scanning, copying, and fax, and wireless options are available, a good choice if you're running an in-house network.

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