Top three reasons why you should use laser printed checks

Laser Printed Checks Laser printed checks are checks printed using MICR laser check printing.

They make an important part of business stationery and contain important information concerning an organization such as name, address, phone number, company logo and email address. They help an organization present strong branding to prospective clients and customers. They look extremely professional and are stronger than normal paper. We at Check-O-Matic offer a huge variety of laser printed checks to suit all kinds of software and laser printers. We take pride in our professional business checks that are designed and developed to suit all business formats and needs. Ordering with us is as convenient and easy as it could be. All you need to do is select the format ideal for your software and device and order. Here are top three reasons why you should use laser printed checks. Security Laser printed checks come with strong security features. They contain watermarks, covert fluorescent fibers, micro-printed lines and temperature sensitive inks. Strong security features are embedded to make sure that if ever a check is scanned or photocopied, it becomes evident. Since business checks make for highly critical commodities, it is essential that they not be misused. Security features embedded in the Check-O-Matic checks ensure that the checks do not get misused without notice. For instance, micro-printing allows for checks to not be photocopied; the micro-printing can only be seen when magnified. Variety and Customizability Our laser printed checks come in a variety of formats and styles. This allows you to select a style and format that best represents your brand or business. Business stationery says a lot about an organization. Our impressive formats have been designed to reflect sophistication through and through. Our business checks come with all the requisite information such as name, address, phone number, email address and company logo. Company logo adds strong attraction to a business check and helps clients identify a business/brand more easily. We also allow our clients to specify their individual needs so that their checks can serve their purpose optimally. Convenience Our pre-printed laser printed checks provide high amount of convenience as they already contain the company name, address, email, phone number and other common information. The checks can be used with a firm’s accounting software straight away to generate all kinds of checks that you require such as multi-purpose checks. Our checks come in attractive and sophisticated designs, allowing your business/brand to gain positive attention.

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