Understanding Computer Checks

Businesses have used computer checks for a long time but now they are becoming more popular amongst individual people.

Computer checks, simply put, are checks created by a computer. No, you can’t just get on word pad and make a few typing notions including name address and amount and expect that to be considered a check when printing it out; there are actual programs for doing so. Why would an individual want to use computer checks rather than going to, let’s say, Wal-Mart and placing an order for checks to come in the mail? There are several reasons. If you want a professional feel because you are a small business owner, belong to a non-profit organization, are self-employed or simply like to present yourself in a formal manner you would likely benefit from using computer checks. What about paying your bills? Have you ever neglected to write a check for a bill and remembered only after you receive the next months bill with a sizable fee for being late? Computer checks help eliminate this inconvenience. In our current world we are constantly busy and one more thing on our plate can push us past the point of exhaustion; computer checks help to relieve some of the worry. Computer check programs will also help you to keep track of your finance and keep you feeling secure. Computer checks can come in several forms such as laser, business and QuickBooks. They may also be accompanied with checkbook accessories. Deposit slips will help you keep track of your monthly income, sales, or gifts while withdrawal slips will keep you informed of your expenses. To give yourself an even more professional look you may also be interested in using check envelopes and/or endorsement stamps. You may choose a computer check sheet which places your check at top, bottom or middle. You may also choose one that prints three checks to a sheet; this not only saves money it is convenient for those who have several checks to send. Personal checks also come three to a sheet and have a handy stub on the side that you can keep for your records. You can make your checks with a custom design, perhaps a business logo or as a base for advertising such as an author who recently came out with a new book. It’s up to you, color and design are at your disposal. Another benefit to using computer checks is that you are unlikely to run out and if you’ve ever found yourself at the end of your checkbook when there are more checks that need sending, you certainly can appreciate that. Whatever your individual reasoning, computer checks serve everyone and it will be wise of you to consider this option before ordering your next set of checkbooks from your bank.

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