Why Did I Wait So Long To Learn About Laser Checks?

Guest Post by: Daniel Erickson I never knew laser checks could be so easy. I admit it, I'm a little behind the times but I still worry about my financial information.

With all the identity theft scares and the credit problems caused by them, I was looking into every way possible to limit the number of opportunities for my information to be compromised. I have heard a lot about laser checks and as a natural born skeptic I had to do some homework, and after having done some digging I have to tell you that I am extremely surprised how much more secure my information would be if I was to just print the checks as needed with the convenience of laser checks printed from my printer, nothing special or fancy required, just a printer, check paper and a print button. I don't even have to get new software to make the laser check work! I was thinking of all the different hands that would touch my information if I was to order checks the “old” way. I would have to go to the bank, give the teller my account number, hoping they were honest enough to not steal my information. The teller then would forward my checking information to a separate business who has to print a box of checks in order for me to just be able to get one. That doesn't even take into consideration all the eyes and hands on my checks while they are being printed and packaged. Yikes, I am definitely selling myself on the more secure, faster option that allows me to print one little check at a time with laser checks. After doing a little research and a lot of digging I found www.checkomatic.com, who offers a ton of ways for me to keep my checks even more secure! To make it easy for me I made myself a list of steps for both ways, just to make sure I understood the security of both options. Regular checks- Using my gas, go to bank, hope all the hands touching my information are trustworthy, wait 2-4 weeks to get my checks, open box take out one book of checks, lose the rest of the box. Fill out the one little check I need, send it on its way. Laser Printed checks, order online laser checks, load check paper with super secure water mark and VOID logo if someone tries to copy it. Print the one little check I need from my already familiar money program, send the check on its way! Yep, that does it, I am officially going to use laser checks from now on, no more having to worry about my identity or financial security, I'm taking action so I don't have to worry about reacting later!

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