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July 5, 2018

Open a window to mail engagement

Promoting your business is critical. Whether you invest in professional marketing materials,corporate gifts or some other advertising strategy, maintaining a positive presence and impressing potential customers and clients is a must. While many entrepreneurs resort to expensive extras to build their reputation, you can also take advantage of the very supplies you anyway depend on day in and day out.

Ready to rev your responses?
If getting more people to open your correspondence is the ultimate goal, industry gurus say to test your envelopes. For instance, depending on the nature of your mail and its recipient, switching from regular white #10 envelopes to colored envelopes could inspire greater interest. Or, if you’re looking to capture a stronger sense of professionalism,double window envelopes are typically preferred over single.
Sometimes there’s no knowing why one parcel attracts attention over another. But regardless of what you’re sending, there are plenty of concrete benefits to choosing double window envelopes. And since prices at Check O Matic are always the most competitive in the industry, an experimental swap won’t hurt your bottom line.

Why two windows are better than one
From a practical standpoint, double window envelopes are perfect for sending business checks, corporate invoices, Quickbooks bills and similar mail. Being able to print and display the recipient’s name and address saves you the handwriting hassle; more importantly, the second window gives you the opportunity to flaunt your brand’s logo,send a pertinent message, or otherwise convince the addressee to open up and read.

In one study, a charity saw a 10% increase in response just by switching the size of their envelopes. After changing from blank envelopes to ones with double windows, another mail-based company enjoyed similar results—and for little to no additional cost.
The fact is, an envelope with windows tends to convey importance, whispering to recipients, “Don’t throw me out. I’m probably a bill.” By pairing a little psychology with Check O Matic’s heavy, high quality paper, security tint and convenient self-seal closures, you’ve got a recipe for response success.
As summer continues to sizzle, heat up your direct mail campaign or everyday postal practice with durable double window envelopes on sale through the month of July.
Midsummer Madness
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June 6, 2018

Summer is a tricky time of year for cubicle members.

Summer is a tricky time of year for cubicle members. Schools will soon be out, the first
wave of coworkers are off frolicking on vacation, and the rest of us are tasked with
keeping the business afloat. This June, invigorate staff by filling their shelves with some
fresh office accessories. And don’t worry—if you already stocked up on heavy-duty
envelopes and custom check paper, we have another idea in store.
Let’s leave a mark
Don’t we all strive to be more polished? More businesslike? The mark of a true
professional should be in his or her productivity. But in reality, outward appearances are
everything. To improve your reputation, you have to play a certain part. Check O Matic
helps you and your team step into that role with easy, affordable office solutions. And we
don’t mean ‘fake it till you make it.’ Our premium products are the real deal.
Deposit delay? Endorse away
Whether it’s a client noticing your letter with a beautiful stamped signature or the bank
teller happily approving your ink-endorsed checks, having high quality office supplies
saves you time, money and hassle—all while boosting your credibility in the process.
Our self-inking endorsement stamps help you ensure 100% accuracy and security when
submitting checks, bank slips and similar financial documents. For everyday
correspondence, using a custom signature stamp puts your grace and confidence on
the page. Are you sending out important letters, memos, invitations or invoices? A
personalized address stamp also helps seal the deal, exuding absolute professionalism.
Time to burn some rubber
Here at Check O Matic, we want you to MAKE IT till you make it. To support that end,
we’re offering a steep discount on all our custom rubber stamps for the duration of June.
Summer Solstice Sale
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Endorsement Stamps
Name & Address Stamps
Signature Stamps
*Feel free to mix and match :)
May 9, 2018

May your mailings be safe and sound this May

Aren’t you excited for summer? The start of May marks the end of hibernation and the start of the best season for business and pleasure. As you escape the confines of home,come out of office hiding and rejoin the social scene, breathe much-needed life into your correspondence with a fresh stock of your favorite Check O Matic paper supplies.
Finding fresh value
When you buy envelopes in bulk, the most economical choice tends to make your mailings the most vulnerable. If you’re looking for the perfect marriage of competitive cost and enduring construction, our heavy duty #9 and #10 envelopes make an ideal choice. From security tint to business reply, pre-printed with windows to easy flip-and stick,you can satisfy all your office and personal needs over in our easy online shop.
Answer this. Regarding greetings, invoices, checks or statements, what’s most important to you? Is it confidentiality? Ease of closure? An eye-catching logo? Our customizable designs check all your diverse boxes while saving you time and money in the process.
Fill out the form, put down the pen
When ordering our custom printed envelopes, you only pay for what you get. Suit your budget by choosing blank, 1-color or full color, and enter all the information you wish to include—company artwork, return address, imprint color and beyond. When it’s time to mail your materials, our pre-printed envelopes make sending as simple as stuff and go.
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April 18, 2018

Finances are in full bloom

We’ve endured brutal bouts of snow this winter. Waking up this first workweek of April, most of us are stuck in the same icy rut. Won’t the sun ever shine again? Will these freezing temps take their final bow? Spring is officially here, but things couldn’t be colder.To get your mind off the meteorological madness, we’ve got a special deal to usher in the green. We want this month to be different. For once, we’re not worried about stocking supplies, balancing books, pleasing clients and bolstering your company’s communications. This time, our sole purpose is to serve just one special person: YOU.

Let’s get personal Beyond the realm of business, Check O Matic offers a wide selection of personal checks available in countless customizable designs. If your company papers and supplies exude efficiency and professionalism, then your private provisions should do just the opposite.Whether you’re cutting a check to the electric company, sending your niece a birthday gift or making a down payment on a new car, your checks say a lot about you. The custom color or background you choose provides a glimpse into your vibrant personality,your lifelong hobbies, your dream getaway—even your low-key cupcake obsession.Your account, your character make money memorable with single or duplicate designs perfectly suited to your unique nature. Options range from patriotic American flag and proud ‘Support our Troops’ themes to beautiful sandy beaches and springtime floral patterns. Whichever reflects your distinct taste, sign confidently knowing you always receive a bulk discount for the absolute highest quality paper and finest security measures on the mailing market.

For a limited time, we’re also offering a FREE vinyl checkbook cover for special spring time buyers. Get your surprise design by ordering before May flowers make their appearance!

April Extravaganza
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January 8, 2018

Dear January,

The first calendar month represents the opening chapter of a new 365-day journey. It’s a time for fresh starts, renewed focus and better business outlook. Like a blank sheet of paper, January offers infinite possibility for change, and the chance to improve your operations despite problems of the past. Don’t you want that ‘fresh’ page to be thick, heavy, secure—and thoroughly compatible? As always, Check O Matic saves the day.

Get your Quick fix

Welcome 2018 by streamlining your business invoice and payroll administration. Instead of wasting precious time and resources on manual check-writing and other tedious tasks, make the most of your existing accounting software. Businesses using QuickBooks™ or Quicken™ can order fully compatible check paper on our website in just 3 simple steps.

Check O Matic delivers a superior checking experience across the board with custom color and font, preprinted account information and billing addresses, optional security features, as well as competitive bulk pricing. Choose heavy, professional-looking paper styled with the check on top, or save space with 3 copies per page. Go big with our QuickBooks™ check starter pack, and you’ll take home envelopes, deposit slips and all.

In case you forgot, we can also customize your paper with original color logos and additional signature lines. Need personalized business checks fast? Select from two affordable rush options to expedite your order just in time for payday. Forge a fresh partnership with Check O Matic this month, and the deal gets even sweeter.

Hurry—time flies at laser (or inkjet) speed

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November 16, 2017

with colorful postal packaging

Scarves and mittens. Pumpkins and squash. Mashed potatoes and gravy. These autumn essentials go together like copy and paste. As we exit the final stages of fall and enter the festive holiday season, it’s time to discover your business’s perfect pairing. Find an ideal marketing match for your mailers, invoices, memos and more at Check O Matic.

Try your hand at technicolor

Maximizing your direct mail impact doesn’t have to come at a high cost. Yes, an oversized envelope tends to grab attention, but heavier weight means a heavier price tag. For a subtler, more economical strategy, order your envelopes with a pop of color.

This unexpected tactic makes your recipient want to rip open the correspondence out of sheer curiosity. Choose a hue in line with your brand palette, or perhaps a seasonal shade to commemorate the holidays. Whatever you desire, Check O Matic offers a variety of colorful #10 office envelopes featuring windows, gummed seals and other convenient features, making them great for everything from bills to flyers to paychecks.

Picking a playful color sends a special message to clients and employees during the months of November and December. Still, if your services are in the reserved realms of banking, finance or law, consider a more formal way to promote your business. Pick up a custom signature stamp to add a warm, personalized touch to your various communications. It’s a simple supply that offers an amazing return on investment.

Don’t miss this month’s opportunity to get your envelopes opened! Up your marketing game by taking advantage of this special deal good through December 15th:

November Special


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signature or address stamp

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October 23, 2017

with checks and envelopes designed for defense

Shouldn’t every office product offer superior security? An important part of doing business is protecting the privacy of your company and clients. But sadly, so many suppliers cut corners in order to save money, producing paper that’s thin, weak, transparent and fraught with shoddy features that make it an easy target for intrusion.

That’s why Check O Matic puts huge stock in security, innovating new ways for you to safeguard confidential information while ensuring every letter arrives at its destination intact and tamper free. From employee paychecks and customer invoices to classified paperwork and important memos, there’s no reason to skimp on safety features.

First, cash in on a secure approach to payroll with computer check paper with multi-point fraud protection including official micro text bordering, signature endorsement and marble-patterned background. Pair these professional sheets with premium #10 flip and stick envelopes featuring opaque tinting, tamper-evident seals and tear resistance, and you’ve got a dependable duo to take on the most determined thieves and vandals.

This month, take a minute to assess the security of your office supplies.

Your friends at Check O Matic remind you:

Safe correspondence is smart correspondence!

Monthly Special


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October 19, 2017

with paper designed for a trickier postal journey

As the crisp, cool air begins to creep across America, we can’t help but think about all the inclement weather to come. With threats of wind, rain, hurricane and even snow on the horizon, it’s smart to equip your office with the sturdiest seasonal supplies.

Whether you’re mailing company memos, employee paychecks, client invoices or fall marketing mailers, it’s important to consider the weight and thickness of your chosen envelopes. Postal workers can attest to the unpredictable conditions your papers are up against throughout the months of September, October, November and beyond.

Knowing these seasonal postal challenges, Check O Matic keeps product quality and durability our top priority. The majority of our most popular envelopes are crafted of resilient 24lb stock paper and feature super sticky gummed and self-seal closures. These not only prevent rips and tears, but also protect your materials against light water damage and the rough-and-tumble ride from sorting room to truck to mailbox.

So go ahead and get excited about chunky sweaters, apple picking, pretty bonfires and all things pumpkin spice. With us, your mailing is safe, secure and ready for fall.

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24lb Booklet Envelopes


24lb Double Window Check Envelopes

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October 22, 2014

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