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Inkjet or Laser printers?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Printing a lot of data and computer checks, should you use a inkjet or a laser printer?! Here is the difference between the two,
Inkjet is spraying tiny ink dots onto the page, cheaper to buy and the print quality might not be the best, and also the ink is more expensive. Ink cartridges will need to be replaced very often if you print a lot. its ideal for home use. Laser printer checks is using toners that uses static and electricity with a powder and prints a higher resolution and higher print quality and more of all a lot faster too. Each printer has its pros and cons. Inkjets are great for home use and photo printing. Lasers are good for offices with high-volume data to print, like Laser checks and other business forms or for applications that need to be printed with high quality. The most popular way to print laser checks a.k.a. computer checks is a laser printer.
Are you switching to a new business software?!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Should you decide to switch over to a new business book keeping software like from Quicken to QuickBooks or any other software for that metter, you should take in consideration one small thing that may get you stuck latter in the process. 
Business checks, there are a few different types of business checks paper, checks on top and on middle and also on the bottom, every software is using a different type of business checks, what you can do is use our online selector by going to our business checks order page and select your software to see the type of business checks your new software is using. You may need to order new business checks before switching over to your new software so you do not get stuck.   QuickBooks, Quicken or Microsoft Money ? Are you looking for an accounting software to handle your finance and to print your computer checks, and can't decide which program would be best for you?!Ok so you probably know by now that the programs most popular for personal or small business use are QuickBooks, Quicken & Microsoft Money, so here is what you need to know Quicken and Microsoft Money are really similar programs, but Quicken is mostly used for personal finances, and QuickBooks is an Accounting Program used for small to medium sized businesses, Microsoft Money is also to keep track of personal finances. It's just a matter of your personal preference as to which one you like more. When you order Computer Checks online for your business or your personal needs, you should be aware that each software may use a different type of check paper, like checks on top or on middle, so here on our Laser Checks order page Cheap Quickbooks Checks you will find a drop down with all accounting software used to print computer checks, just select your software and we will display the type of check paper used with your software.
Can I print my Laser Checks by using ms word?

Monday, May 12, 2008

I found this Q&A in yahoo answers and found it interesting, so I will post it here.
Q: Can you print Laser Checks by using ms word? 
A: First step you want to measure the blank check paper. 
In MS Word, - page setup - set up the dimensions of the paper to those of your blank check paper. Now measure the distances from the top side and left side of the blank check of each field on the laser checks where you will be entering all the TEXT. For example, where the name of the "Pay to order of" field starts, where the numerical $ amount on the check is located, the written amount, the memo line, etc. In your MS Word template create all the TEXT Boxes and place them according to your X,Y measurements. (X is the measurement from the left side, Y is the measurement from top of paper.) Do that for all of the computer checks fields where you need to enter check details. Aand now print your laser checks! TIP: If your laser checks are too small to feed into your printer, you can tach with tape or something your laser checks to an 8.5" X 11" sheet of paper and do all the above accordingly. But this is all if you don't have any other options, I would still suggest for you to get QuickBooks or Quicken and print your QuickBooks Checks or Quicken Checks the EZ way.
Is your Computer checks order tax deductible?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Well, computer checks sure is a legitimate business expense! and so is any reasonable charges and costs spent in the generation of your business income.Your Computer Checks order is an ordinary business expense just like any "Other Deductions". Other related charges and fees that are tax deductible is returned check fees, money wire transaction fees and monthly maintenance bank fees. They are all considered to be bank charges in your tax return. You may want to search the IRS website to get more information on this topic. 
Do business checks ever expire?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Some businesses may have an expiration date printed on their business checks something like "void after 90 days", Some firms place a limitation of 60 days on their payroll checks and90 on their payables checks so that their outstanding bank balance is reduced fast also in some cases if the business check is more than 6 months old, the bank may choose not to accept it. If the check is more then 6 months old, you should call the issuer to ensure the business check will clear. You do not want to pay a bounced check fee. and again why would you let your checks sit that long anyway?! Get your money to work for you As soon as possible. Order security voucher Business Checks today and save with Check Omatic lowest prices and daily discounts.