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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Printed Business checks  are one of the essential business tools required for the day-to-day business of business. Take a few minutes and consider your requirements. First, consideration exactly what kind of business checks you will need. You will have to choose your financial software and what kind of tracking will be needed to keep complete records for clients and tax purposes. There are laser printed business checks formats that work with Quickbooks, Microsoft Money, Peachtree, MYOB, and Quicken as well as many others. Format options such as attached open vouchers, providing multiple copies. Voucher less check sheets are suitable for printing out multiple end of the month checks. You will find business checks for accounts payable and payroll. Additional considerations for business checks is the color, will they be consistent with your office stationary? Of course, you will want your business checks to have all the important company information and your logo. Laser printed business checks are important as they provide an added layer of security for your accounts; they are machine readable and are more difficult to alter. Business checks are an important piece of your business; pay attention to the details and make good decisions from the start. Another routine office supply is business envelopes. Innately it may be ok to purchase a box of blank envelopes, but this will not provide the professionalism and the branding you want for a growing company. Printed envelopes are a must to save time and provide ready access to your information and security. Window envelopes add convenience and reduce the chance of a mishap when transferring information; clients name and addresses come from the computer and are easily read. You will fine single or double window envelopes to suit your needs. Once you determine your requirements for laser checks and business envelopes, you must fine a reliable, quality supplier for laser checks and business window envelopes. Most companies find online suppliers to be the best resource. Look for one that has the products, quality, and pricing you want. An online provider who keeps ordering history and does not require your logo information to be uploaded each time will make the process easier and faster. With a thriving company to run, you deserve the service a company like CheckOMatic provides; checks, envelopes, and just about everything that you need to run your business easily and efficiently. CheckOMatic offers printed business checks to match your accounting software and business needs.  Check O Matic offers printed envelopes with the largest selections of window envelopes and double window envelopes in many sizes and styles to match your business checks and forms; all in stock.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Starting a business is exciting. Then, the actual business of business begins. There are many decisions to be made as your company takes form and the day-to-day stuff takes shape. Whatever your product or service, all businesses have to keep records, pay bills, meet payroll, and file taxes. The accounting end of any business is critical for success. To that end, you need to decide on the accounting software as soon as possible. There are many choices, which include QuickBooks, Microsoft Money, Peachtree, MYOB, Quicken and many more. Once you select the right computer checks for your software, you will need to select the right printable checks for your printer; laser checks are the most flexible. Fortunately, once this decision has been made, finding business checks to match your financial software is easy. The accounting side of your business in critical because it is essential that you are able to track expenditures to determine profitability but also because tax records are so vital as well. Many start-up companies fail in the first year due to inadequate bookkeeping. Computer checks are one way to keep financial records easily and correctly. Printing checks assures that all of the information, the recipient, amount, accounts, and dates are identical to the information for that transaction in your financial software. Any accounting software assures that the printed business check number matches the number maintained in the online check register. Enter a computer check into your business financial software and exact data, dates, amounts, client info will be correctly transferred and printed; thereby, allowing you to enter a check when you receive a bill and subtract the amount from your register. Accordingly, you will not lose track of the date and the business check is printed correctly. In this way, records are readily available to you and your accountant. You have spent a lot of time determining the look and style for the branding of your company. This style is reflected in your product or service, but it is also revealed in your business communication such as signage, business cards, envelopes, stationary, and in the checks that you issue. At CheckOMatic, an online business check provider, you can find styles, colors, and formats to suit your business needs and your style. There are many colors to choose from, and they are printed with your business information and logo. CheckOMatic laser checks to match the most popular accounting software.  CheckOMatic provides computer checks a variety of formats to suit your needs.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No matter what business you are in, any mailing transaction: information, marketing, billing, and payroll needs to be placed into an envelope to be mailed. 


Some office communications are just too sensitive to be trusted to e-mail and need to be sent interoffice.  Even those offices striving to be as paperless as possible require a great many envelopes in any given month.  There is no getting away from the constant need for paper envelopes.   Ordering office materials falls on the office manager, and a good office manager needs to know where to find all the different kinds of envelopes the business requires and at the best prices.


There are many styles to choose from depending on the type of mail.  Most business offices are familiar with the window envelope, but there are double window security envelopes for safety and convenience when mailing checks.  This is the best choice when used with pre-printed checks.  Single and double window envelopes come with security features and can be used with printed return stickers.  More convenient and professional looking are envelopes which are printed with your companys return address.  Many businesses choose to include their company logo for easy branding identification.  Available too, are envelopes to match business checks, forms, and stationary.

Other features include tinted windows, self-seals, flip and stick closures, and coin envelopes.  There are size variances as well.  Along with the standard legal size envelopes, there are larger envelopes so that large packs of papers need not be folded.  You may find that you need reinforced envelopes, which are handy for photos or any other mail you dont want to bend, tear, or scratch.

Many companies find that they use a combination of sizes and find that for some occasions it is more secure or convenient to hand address envelopes.  Using blank envelopes can also be a cheaper alternative to using printed envelopes for personal correspondence. 


Finding a single-stop online resource for all business envelopes needs is easy if you know about Check-O-Matic business checks and envelopes.  With a few time restraints, printed envelopes can be mailed back to you the very next day.  Once an account has been established, reordering is even simpler. As this site keeps your order history; there is no need to upload your logo again and again.  Go online to find out how much more expedient this process can be. 

Find printed envelopes and everything else you need to run your business easily and efficiently.  We at Check-O-Matic are pleased to serve you with all your business envelopes.

Printed envelopes is an increasingly popular marketing method for businesses of all sizes, available in many custom shapes and sizes with option of uploading your logo and business identity, Check o Matic is having it all, matching your quickbooks checks & all sort of business checks. Starting from double window envelopes to complete blank envelopes Check o Matic has it all.