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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shopping online has taken over the marketplace. Clearly, one can purchase anything on the internet; this is particularly helpful for small businesses. Online purchasing affords you the ability to shop when you want, so if you run out of something or anticipate an inventory short fall, you can simply click your way to what you need. No need to stop your work or interrupt the creative juices; once you locate a reliable resource, ordering can take but a few seconds. Online ordering will save two very important and limited resources: money and time.    To begin, any business, small or large, needs to pay close attention to expenditures. Present day economy, not withstanding, it is vital to comparison shop and find the values that will give the best return for the money spent. Online shopping can accomplish both. Look for a company that will guarantee the best prices for the products and services you need; is it easy to compare prices on the internet. An online resource wont be valuable if you are over paying for convenience.    Next, as time is money, online purchasing can be a great time saver. No travel, no disrupted work schedules. Working with a site that requires you to re-enter all company information, over and over, every time your reorder will be a hassle. Locate an online provider, who conveniently keeps records and ordering history, so repeat orders are but a click away.    Another consideration when shopping online is to make sure to fine a provider complete with security features built into the site. At Check-O-Matic Checks and Envelopes, for example, there site is protected by Geo Trust, giving consumers and business peace of mind. When your company needs any business envelopes, and business checks, including computer and laser checks, or QuickBooks checks, you can shop here with complete assurance that any communications between your browser and the sites servers are private and secure.    It is an added bonus if the site has an online help line. Often people will have questions, especially when ordering for the first time. The Check-O-Matic Business Checks and Envelopes website is quite user friendly with step-by step instruction for an easy ordering process. Nevertheless, this site offers a live online chat help line for ordering expediency. Check-O-Matic has online tracking for all orders. They accept all major credit cards. Check them out for value, convenience, and quick custom service.    You will surely be pleased with our great quality, design options, and, of course, our punctual service when you order Business checks from Check-O-Matic. Order discount business checks online. Business and New Years Eve - (originally posted December 10, 2009) Well, its the time of the year again, a New Year  and what does it mean for business?! Its the time when business owners prepare and hope for a better year to come, ordering new Business Checks is definitely on their to do list along with all other business forms. Its also the perfect time for people starting a NEW business, to drop the ball and start rolling with the arrival of a new year. Business Checks is the first article you need when you start a new business, but we also know that starting a new business in this economy is not easy, that'swhy we re-proclaim our "Cheapest Price Guarantee" we will beat any price you find elsewhere. Make sure to prepare for business on time, get your order of business checks and envelopes today and pay discount prices for quality products We wish our customers and the business community, happy holidays and a happy new year!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Its a fact that with every contact, a company leaves some stamp or impression on clients and potential clients.  For example, a local plumbing company advertises that they guarantee their service people will smell good.  Logo on quickbooks ChecksThat is their tag, and it makes a difference. If you have ever had a plumber call after a long hot day in muck, you will understand the attraction of a good smelling plumber. Clients are favorably impressed if a companys website has a professional appearance and is easy to use.  Nothing is more frustrating that trying to plow through a website someones grandson built.  The paper a company uses for correspondence and business cards also has an impact.  If the cardstock feels like cheap construction paper, how much quality can be invested in the work? It may seem like a small thing, but ask around and discover that a professional image can be worsened or enhanced by little details.  All correspondence generated from your office leaves a mark, so make the best impression you can.  Your clients may not pay their bill any faster depending on the color of your invoice, but submitting letters, invoices, and checks on quality paper with a professionally printed logo and company information on them and inserted into matching business envelope will leave an impression that yours is a professional company and you expect to conduct business in the same manner.  Additionally, business correspondence is another opportunity for branding.  The more you can get your company name out there, the more often someone sees your name, the more familiar your name becomes, the quicker your company will come to mind when someone needs your service or product.  As well as branding, professionally printed business checks and envelopes makes a statement of permanence and stability.  At Check-O-Matic Checks and Envelopes, you can find computer and laser quickbooks checks to compliment your business stationary online.  They offer a free upload of your logo. Conveniently your company information, logo, and ordering history are stored for easy and expedient reordering. You can choose the business checks to integrate with your financial software and a format that fits with your business requirements.  Computer checks are matched with business envelopes, which also include all information and your logo.  Check-O-Matic offers customized service, quick delivery, and great prices.  Professional correspondence will have a positive influence on your products or services and favorably enhance your company image---success is in the details. This goes for any accounting software, you may use to print your checks, quickbooks, Intuit, MYOB or Microsoft Money.