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Business Envelopes To Promote Your Business
As a business owner, it is important to take every opportunity to promote you business. One way to easily promote your business is to use professionally printed business envelopes. Professional Presentation One of the things that people look for when doing business is a professional presentation. With so many businesses that are fly-by-night and unprofessional, they want to make sure that you are a legitimate company and not someone just working out of their basement or garage and professionally printed business envelopes are one way to show you are legitimate. With professionally printed business envelopes, you indicate that you are willing and able to invest in the items that a legitimate business uses as part of daily business. When sending mail to clients and potential clients, the first impression they receive is your business envelope. Sending professionally printed business envelopes with typed or printed address on it also makes an impression and says that your mail is important. Often, people will have more tendency to open mail that has a typed or printed address on it, than they would mail that appears to be junk mail or is hand-addressed from a stranger. Important Information on Business Envelopes Since business envelopes are usually the first impression that someone has of your business, you should have important information printed for the return address. Make sure to include not only your business name and return address, but also include a colorful logo. Business logos are an important aspect of promoting your business with business envelopes. If you have a distinct and colorful corporate logo, potential customers may remember that more than they do your actual company name. Another thing you can include on business envelopes is any slogans or notable events, such as a ribbon indicating significant years of being in business. Professionally printed business envelopes with things that encourage clients to remember your services or products help you gain even more business. Types of Business Envelopes There are several different types of printed business envelopes you can use for professional communication activities. For example, you can use standard size business envelopes for routine correspondence. However, for special presentations or proposals, you might choose to use larger printed business envelopes. Window business envelopes are also useful for sending out invoices and other materials. Often, companies that use window business envelopes also include a smaller preprinted return business envelope to make it convenient for customers to pay invoices. Professionally printed business envelopes are one of the standard pieces of business stationary for many companies. By paying attention to how they are used and the information printed on your business envelopes, you can turn them into one more promotional marketing item for your company and create additional interest in your products and services.
Window Envelope - The Perfect Business Solution
Developed in Chicago, Illinois in 1902, it didn’t take very long at all for business owners to see the value of window envelopes, and for good reason; window envelopes saved companies time and money when used for invoices, paychecks, and accounts payable. Window envelopes were initially developed with just one window, the window for the addressee. In time, companies realized that they were saving so much money that they clamored for the next innovation – the double window envelope, where the manufacturer added a window for the return address information. In the dawn of the 20th century, it was a labor intensive process every time an invoice, a/p check, or paycheck needed to be mailed out. The secretary placed the document into a manual typewriter, typed the document, removed the typed document from the typewriter, and double checked it for accuracy. Heaven help the poor soul if she needed to correct a typographical error –that was a whole new process which we won’t even get into here! She then needed to insert an envelope into the typewriter, type the return address, type the mailing address, remove the envelope, and again check for accurate typing. Can you imagine repeating this process of hand typing each document and envelope without the aid of a word processor? The inventor of the window envelope, Americus F. Callahan, realized that there was surely a better way to manage this process. Callahan applied for the patent to the “outlook envelope” in 1901 and received his patent on June 10, 1902. There have been a few changes to the window envelope since its invention. Initially, the window was made out of a thin sheet of rice paper; today of course we use thin plastic. The initial envelope was made from manila paper; today we have a staggering variety of paper from which to choose. Business owners in the early 1900s were startled, amazed, and pleased with what this simple and well thought innovation did to save money for their businesses. They saved money by increased typing accuracy, less labor, and less money spent on postage due to re-mailing misaddressed envelopes. They had happier vendors, who received payments faster. They used less ink and typing corrective fluid, decreasing material costs. They loved the new window envelopes. The same things that made the double window envelope such an innovation back then, still apply today. The window envelope saves companies labor, time, ink, and paper, helping businesses remain efficient and watch their bottom line. In our fast paced world, we may chuckle at the thought of those businessmen calling the ubiquitous envelope an “innovation.” But the fact remains that this century old invention, the window envelope, was so perfect in concept that it remains virtually unchanged today.
Quickbooks Checks Prevent Check Washing
Stop potential check fraud - The Most Common Check Fraud Scam in its tracks! Use Quickbooks Checks to make sure that you are doing everything possible to prevent your company from becoming a victim of check fraud. Not only are they easy to use, but also Quickbooks Checks have built in security features that make it simple for you to protect your business. Quickbooks Checks are made out of a paper that makes it virtually impossible for criminals to use ink removal chemicals. A Quickbooks check is available with security features built right into their very paper fibers that prevent fraud via photocopying, such as a high resolution border; visible paper fibers; microprinting on the back; ultra-violet fluorescent fibers; watermark; and a security weave to the fiber. Why is this so important to your business? Below we will share some startling statistics, as reported by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners: • Check fraud costs American business owners over $2.9 trillion each year. • Check fraud normally goes unnoticed for over 18 months, on average. • A business who was a victim of check fraud loses an average of 5% of its yearly revenue as a result the fraud. To add insult to injury, guess who is responsible for preventing check fraud? The bank? Nope. The forger? Nope. YOU ARE! UCC Codes have set guidelines making corporations responsible for at least part of the losses resulting from check fraud. This means that your company many never recover part or all of the money lost to check fraud, if the investigation determines that your company did not exercise enough care to prevent the fraud. In other words, you are responsible for protecting yourself. One of the check forgery scams that Quickbooks Checks can help prevent is check washing, which is one of the most common check forgery scams. This serious scam costs American businesses over $815 million every year. Here is a common check washing scenario: A criminal steals a check from the mail. He goes to his local MegaMart and purchases every day items to aid him in the check washing process. He may choose to use carpet cleaner, bleach, or lighter fluid; however, he will most likely choose to use acetone which is cheap and very effective. He will use a plain old eraser in combination with one of these solvents to completely eradicate the ink (except the authorized signature). He will then make out the check to another payee, in whatever dollar amount he wishes. Using a fake identification, he can take this check to the bank and cash it. Quickbook Checks are available with the security features to prevent fraud by check washing. Considering the simplicity of the check washing scam outlined above, isn’t is worth the investment in Quickbooks Checks?
The Importance Of Business Checks
It’s one thing to avoid using personal checks in your daily life. That’s what you have a debit card for. In the business world, however, business checks are still very much important. It is the way that you need to pay for much of your products and you bills. Checks don’t have to be expensive and you don’t need fancy ones, either. You do need them, though, so go ahead and bite the bullet so that you can write a check when you need to. There are plenty of reasons to write business checks. When you’ve got a delivery because of a rush order, the delivery person may be expecting to be paid right then and there. He likely doesn’t have a credit card system on him and he doesn’t have time for you to go onto the computer, fill in all the little blanks and hit print. He wants one now. When you have a checkbook for your business, you’re able to give him what he wants. You’re able to take care of a lot of accounting on the fly when you have business checks, too. When you’re on your lunch break or you’ve got a few free minutes, you can grab a pile of bills and just start writing the checks out so that all of your vendors can get paid. This ensures that you pay them and you don’t have to sit on the computer to pay everyone. You also need to think about business checks from a legal standpoint if you have personnel. In many states, there is a law that says if you terminate someone, you must pay them all of what you owe them on the same day. When you want to fire someone, you don’t want to wait for your bank to issue a check. You can just write them your own business check so that you can get rid of the bad apple. Business checks can come in very small amounts so that you don’t have to buy hundreds and hundreds at a time. Think about how many checks you actually write a month and then add another couple to that number. This way you always have enough no matter what may come up. If you’re a very busy person, you may even want to get the duplicate copy on your business checks. This way you have a record of who you wrote checks to and for what amount without recording it in your register. This way you can always keep your bank account balanced, even if you’re running around. There are many reasons that business checks still exist – because people use them. You don’t need a lot but if you always have a few on you, it can help your business out tremendously.
Understanding Computer Checks
Businesses have used computer checks for a long time but now they are becoming more popular amongst individual people. Computer checks, simply put, are checks created by a computer. No, you can’t just get on word pad and make a few typing notions including name address and amount and expect that to be considered a check when printing it out; there are actual programs for doing so. Why would an individual want to use computer checks rather than going to, let’s say, Wal-Mart and placing an order for checks to come in the mail? There are several reasons. If you want a professional feel because you are a small business owner, belong to a non-profit organization, are self-employed or simply like to present yourself in a formal manner you would likely benefit from using computer checks. What about paying your bills? Have you ever neglected to write a check for a bill and remembered only after you receive the next months bill with a sizable fee for being late? Computer checks help eliminate this inconvenience. In our current world we are constantly busy and one more thing on our plate can push us past the point of exhaustion; computer checks help to relieve some of the worry. Computer check programs will also help you to keep track of your finance and keep you feeling secure. Computer checks can come in several forms such as laser, business and QuickBooks. They may also be accompanied with checkbook accessories. Deposit slips will help you keep track of your monthly income, sales, or gifts while withdrawal slips will keep you informed of your expenses. To give yourself an even more professional look you may also be interested in using check envelopes and/or endorsement stamps. You may choose a computer check sheet which places your check at top, bottom or middle. You may also choose one that prints three checks to a sheet; this not only saves money it is convenient for those who have several checks to send. Personal checks also come three to a sheet and have a handy stub on the side that you can keep for your records. You can make your checks with a custom design, perhaps a business logo or as a base for advertising such as an author who recently came out with a new book. It’s up to you, color and design are at your disposal. Another benefit to using computer checks is that you are unlikely to run out and if you’ve ever found yourself at the end of your checkbook when there are more checks that need sending, you certainly can appreciate that. Whatever your individual reasoning, computer checks serve everyone and it will be wise of you to consider this option before ordering your next set of checkbooks from your bank.
An Advantage In Laser Checks
Laser checks are a great way for small businesses to do business. They enable individuals to create custom checks in bulk. This form of laser checks also helps save money as they are considerably cheaper than ordering checks from the bank. Utilizing laser checks is a wise business move for those looking for affordable and professional check options. Laser checks are most often created to be compatible with a variety of software. This enables individuals or companies to customize them to their specifications by printing logos, names, and contact information. In fact, many businesses make it easy to find compatible laser checks by allowing customers to search for them according to software. This ensures a successful purchase from the beginning. Laser checks are also available in a format of three checks per page in order to maximize results and save money. Multipurpose checks can be used for a variety of most transactions while others provide space for itemization and totals. These are best used by businesses. Whether for individuals or for businesses, the laser check is available for a diverse range of customers and their specific needs. Another advantage of using laser checks is that they are available for bulk purchase. Although it may be a higher initial cost, buying checks this way definitely saves in the long run. In addition to saving money, buying in bulk also keeps a person from needing to buy checks as often. This saves time as well – a commodity for companies that is better spent on more important areas of business. Laser checks may be ordered plain, in various colors, or with special designs or backgrounds. This gives customers a choice in customization. It also provides businesses the opportunity to put their own mark on checks if they desire to do so. For example, a florist might choose a background with flowers or a health and beauty spa could go with a serene background of clouds or water. Other businesses can stamp their logo on checks in order to represent and help spread their company influence. Laser checks are also a good way for companies to keep continuity of professional representation. If a business already has business cards and company stationery, ordering laser checks that match is a great way to continue the theme. This presents a professional front and shows detail to all areas of the business. This, in turn, shows customers that a company is concerned with the small things as well as the bigger ones. For businesses especially, but even for individuals, laser checks make an affordable and efficient option. They save both time and money. But more importantly, they can help represent a company professionally – even in the financial aspect of business.
Using Printed Envelopes In Everyday Living
As the economy in many countries has soured, many people have begun a return to simpler, more elegant times, by using small luxury items such as printed envelopes. Stay-cations, dinner parties have become all the rage in many of the country’s towns and cities, and along with it have come a return to the printed, monogrammed, and embossed envelopes, cards, and notes. While the concept is not new, the many uses and ways in which printed envelopes can be utilized may surprise you. For example, one of the ways in which many people are using these envelopes is to have the name and address applied to the envelopes, instead of using an adhesive return label. This usually costs a few pennies, but makes such a great impression. And it saves time too! Another good use for personally printed business envelopes is for that ‘wow’ factor when sending out business correspondence, especially resumes. Attention to detail, even in the printed envelope, can set the tone for the prospective employer. Indeed, placing your resume in the ‘keep’ pile is the goal, and as such good quality paper, and printed envelopes go a long way toward putting you one step ahead of the competition. Designs and logos can be placed anywhere on the printed envelopes, and so many people are opting to choose a graphic that depicts their personality, hobby, or organization. This makes your letters immediately recognizable when they come in the mail. Still others are taking the printed envelope to new heights. Some use the pre-printed envelopes to organize bills, collect coupons, even store away scrapbook memorabilia. And, of course, we’ve all seen those holiday printed envelopes that have the family picture included on it. This makes the card giving, or the family letter meaningful and special. Many organizations utilize the pre-printed envelopes for donations. Associations use them for fees that are due. Many churches utilize them for special offering envelopes. Still others include the envelopes with postage paid stamps on them so that the donation can be easily placed in the mail. You can see how this would increase donations, when the work is already done for them. Whether you are looking to utilize the printed envelope for personal or business use, it can be a great time saver, and in the long run, budget friendly. In the past, many people put off these types of expenditures because they simply were not needed any longer. They believed that with the advent of the Internet and email that personal correspondence would fall to the wayside. However, it is easy to see that not only is it here to stay, but it has enjoyed a resurgence that indicates all savvy people have begun to order printed envelope for all their postal needs.
Benefits Of Using Double Window Envelopes
Many small businesses are looking for ways to cut costs and be more efficient in every way possible. Using double window envelopes is one of the small but significant ways to improve your bottom line. Benefits of Double Window Envelopes Double window envelopes give a professional appearance in all of your business transactions. Often, when you use a double window envelop, it is for mailing business checks or for sending invoices to customers. Using this type of envelope allows customers and vendors to quickly determine who the mail is from and what type of mail they are receiving. Another benefit to double window envelopes is that they are time efficient. Instead of having to print both the item to be mailed and an envelope address or mailing labels, you can simply fold that item appropriately and stick it in the envelope. This saves time by reducing the number of steps needed to prepare mail and also money in printer ink or toner. Double window envelopes also have several safety features built into them. Often, they are printed on paper that has watermarks on it and is protected from the ability to see what is inside the envelope. You can order double window envelopes in many different colors. Many business owners prefer to order double window envelopes in shades that compliment their business checks, stationary or printed logo. If you are using double window envelopes for direct marketing programs or for sending promotional materials, you can also order them in distinctive colors that will make your mail stand out to potential customers. Choosing a Size and Shape Double window envelopes are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Some business managers choose large double window envelopes for sending invoices, business proposals and other items to their customers, since they prefer not to fold correspondence. For other items, such as business checks, you might choose a standard envelope size. Another consideration for choosing a double window envelope is the weight of the paper. Twenty pound envelope paper is very lightweight and can save you on mailing costs. However, some managers prefer to use a heavier 24 pound envelope paper to give their envelopes and correspondence a heavier presence when clients hold the items. Recycling Concerns Not all recycling programs are equipped to handle double window envelopes with plastic windows. There are double window envelopes that have thin paper windows as an alternative to plastic windows. You might contact your local recycling program to ask what they recommend if you decide you want to use double window envelopes for your business correspondence. If you are looking for simple ways to save money on business costs, consider using double window envelopes. They are professional, easy to use and save time and money.
Top Reasons Why To Use Computer Checks
Computer checks are not a new invention. In fact, the act of printing computerized checks has long been utilized by big businesses and corporations. However, with modern technology and the lowering cost of software and equipment, the ordinary home owner can use this technology to both streamline their finances, but do all sorts of amazing things with them. To be sure, there are many reasons to use computer checks. Reason number one: Consider that computer checks automatically track your finances. If you are one of those people who have a difficult time keeping track of where the money goes each month, computer checks generally have the option for them to track and record each time it is printed. Many of the programs and types of computer checks can do things from tracking your finances to showing where someone has been overspending. Sometimes the programs can even run monthly financial reports. Reason number two: small businesses look professional and modern when they use computer checks. Everyone knows that image can be everything. Handwritten checks indicate that the small business has not embraced the modern age. With as easy as it is to use computer checks, one would have to wonder why a new business would not utilize them. Many small businesses use computer checks because they project an image of prosperity and effectiveness that an ordinary check could not. Logos can often be printed on them, offering more of a recognition factor. Reason number three: using computer checks can save a person time. Setting checks to be printed on a regular basis can make paying bills quick and efficient. In fact, many computer checks also offer the ability to make online payments, schedule them, then simply be reminded that they’ve gone out. They will even notify you a few days in advance of when the payments are to be made. It’s like having your own personal secretary. Reason number four: processing times are quicker. Computer checks that are printed and then sent are easily read by other company’s scanners. This is because computer checks are already in the format that most other companies recognize. Faster turn around means faster response times, product delivery times, and quicker payments. Reason number five: security. Having a checkbook makes it easier to be stolen, or lost. Someone having that information in their hands and effectively wipe out your bank account. This is never the problem for a computer check that is printed from the computer. Computer checks are gaining popularity, not only among the business elite, but among the small business owners and the average home owner. Ease of use, safety, and the financial assistance these checks offer make the old way of doing checks virtually impractical.
Set Yourself Apart With Laser Checks
Being in business for yourself means that there are many daily tasks that need done that you are going to do yourself, rather than pay someone to do. This probably includes paying the bills. The next time you are paying the bills look at your checks and ask do you need laser checks? First you are probably wondering what a laser check is, they are simply a professional looking check created specifically for your company by a laser. These laser checks will give every one the impression that you are a professional organization, and can take care of their needs. Add to the fact that these laser checks contain all of the security measures of checks you get from the bank and all of a sudden you have a good tool for your business. If you place your company’s logo on the check, now when you pay someone it is starting to become a form of advertisement. When you pay for something by check there are many people that will see and touch that check before it finishes its journey. Every one of those people need to look at your check in order to do their job, with laser checks every one of those people become potential customers or clients. Now you are advertising without doing anything special and that is not all, keeping up your professional image is very important. Even if your entire business is only you, you can give the impression that you are much bigger. People like to do business with an established business and having laser checks will make sure every one sees you as a well established company. Another benefit of the laser printer checks is that you are able to print on the check right from your PC or laptop. If you use one of the many businesses software to run your business, these laser checks will work right with your software and print you out beautiful, professional, and easy to read checks. Nothing can replace the feeling of satisfaction you will get when your business partners see your laser checks, and ask you where you got them. You can become the leader of the pack when you direct your friends and partners to the best place to get laser checks. It is important for you and your business to show everything you have to offer, so make sure you get your laser checks complete with logo and make sure to give off the correct impression. Once you give a first impression you cannot take it back, so ensure that this does not happen to you and your business. Get your laser checks today and let every one know where you are and how to find you.