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How to Use Printed Envelopes in Your Marketing Plan
Custom printed envelopes are an integral component of a comprehensive marketing plan. Aside from daily correspondence and billing, there are a number of mailings that could benefit from custom envelopes. Here are a few marketing ideas that may be meet with more success when delivered in an impressive wrapper. Catalogs, Booklets and Brochures Since the advent of the much anticipated arrival of the Sears Roebuck Wish Book back in pioneer days, catalogs have been effective selling tools. Larger scale 10 x 13 inch envelopes are perfect for multi-page catalogs. With all the work that goes into creating a catalog, it deserves to be delivered intact and in style. A great use for smaller 6.25 x 9.25 inch printed Envelopes for Business is to mail out booklets. Booklets are smaller than catalogs and typically have only a few pages. Use booklets to launch a new product, advertise an event, or introduce your business services to the community. Brochures are usually standard business letter sized when folded. Typically, they offer 6 printed areas, delineated by fold lines. They may only be one page, but a brochure can be jam-packed with useful information, just the right size to get your message across. Letterhead Custom letterhead demands custom business printed envelopes. No matter what kind of mail you're sending out, it will be more attractive and make a better impression when it arrives in a wrapper that stands out from all the boring generic white rectangles. Letters that stand out are less likely to be tossed unopened. Greeting Cards What makes a better impression than remembering your customer on holidays and birthdays? Not much. Taking the time to acknowledge your customer relationship with a card delivered in a branded business envelope is a great way to open new lines of communication and keep in touch with your customer base in a very personal and thoughtful way. Greetings are always welcome, and the tone can reflect your business image, from elegant sophistication to whimsical humor. The business envelopes can be printed to reflect the content and help deliver the intended message. Customer retention is all about service and communication. No matter how fast marketing methods change, excellence in customer service is the one thing that remains the same. In a world filled with frustrating automated phone systems, outsourced help lines, and faceless corporations, direct communication is an old idea that seems fresh and new. Print media is especially effective for a new business trying to establish a foothold in a community, and for an established business trying to reconnect with past customers. Delivering your message in an eye-catching custom business printed envelopes helps advertise your business before the envelopes is even opened.
Personalizing Computer Checks for Your Business
Personalized computer checks are the hallmark of professionalism. In today's market, brand recognition is crucial to the success of every business and all corporate documents should be branded for instant recognition. Professional image makes an impression on both suppliers and clients. Elements of professionalism enhances trust, a valuable market commodity. The Elements of Branding Logo Your logo is the most important element of the branding process and should be present on every printed computer check and document associated with your company from business cards to billboards. If you already have a company logo, you have two choices for computer checks printing. You can order your checks with the company logo already printed on the face of every check, or you can order black check stock and print your logo along with the check details. If you have a logo you are not fully satisfied with, order blank check stock and print the logo with the checks. That way, if you decide to update your logo later, you can start using the new logo immediately. Company Name This may sound like a no-brainer, but there are a few lees obvious things to consider about the company name. You'll need to decide on a specific font and use it for everything. Many companies avoid trendy or fancy fonts and stick with easily readable, classic fonts available standard on most computers. Going that route ensures that you'll always have the font available if you run out of printed materials and have to produce a document on the fly. Other companies create a unique proprietary font specifically for company use. Coca-Cola, for example, uses an iconic font developed for the company. You can download a copycat font that looks similar, but the official font belongs to Coca-Cola. Color Scheme Color is an important style element. As part of the branding process, the color background of your computer checks should complement your logo and corporate documents, or it should be a traditional blue, white, or green background. Signature Some companies use a rubber stamp signature, but a signature saved in a transparent .gif or .png format and printed right on the check with the details can be a real time-saver. It's easy to create a transparent signature element using a scanner and a graphics program, but if you don't have the tools or knowledge to do it, anyone with basic graphics skills can help. There are signature fonts widely available on the Web, but using them is a security risk, since they can be downloaded for use by anyone. Details distinguish one company from another. Personalized computer checks add an extra layer of security while leaving a memorable impression of permanence that helps inspire confidence in clients. Cheap Computer Checks
Laser Checks Printing MICR Standardization
In the late 1950s, the American Banking Industry looked for a way to standardize Laser checks printing. The most pressing issue facing the industry was the choice of a font that could be read and processed by any financial institute. Adopting a font readable to financial software across the industry paved the way for automated processing, a move intended to make processing faster, cheaper and more accurate. The Batelle Memorial Institute was chosen to oversee a council chosen from industry experts. Fifty people were chosen to participate, most from the Laser checks printing industry. The first font agreed upon by the committee was called E-13A MICR, but during testing it proved inadequate. Some banking systems had difficulty distinguishing the number 8 from a similar character used to identify transit. As a result, the E-13A MICR font was updated to address this issue and the altered choice, the E-13B MICR font, was adopted as the industry standard. In 1959, the committee recommendation for E-13B MICR font was accepted and published by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). With standards in place, MICR technology was adopted by the entire banking and laser checks printing industry, making check writing compatible to systems across the U.S. Evan though the E-13B MICR standards were developed and established by the American Bankers Association other countries were quick to accept the same standards. Canada, the U.K., Japan, India, Mexico, Australia, Columbia, and Turkey all use E-13B MICR. A different standard, CMC-7, is used in Mediterranean and South American countries, Spain, Israel, and France. The original E-13B MICR standards established in 1959 are still in use today by the financial industry. Detailed specifications for E-13B MICR checks printing standards are available for download from the American National Standards Institute at The specifications detail line and component placement as well as the font character style. Machines calibrated to read laser checks look for precise character placement as well as the waveform shape created by the magnetic properties of MICR ink. There are a number of advantages to standardization. Laser Checks printed on any MICR printer, including commercial printing and desktop laser checks generated by in-house printers, can be interpreted by any bank or ATM in the country. This helps prevents costly mistakes and discourages check fraud. From a banking point of view, automation is faster and reduces the possibility of human error. For businesses, it ensures that a smudge cannot be interpreted as an extra zero on a check sum, resulting in an inconvenient and potentially expensive recovery process. The standardized E-13B MICR system is the core of today's banking and check printing industry, used by commercial printing houses and businesses alike to produce printed checks or computer generated laser checks as needed.
Laser Checks Security
printed Laser checks are fast becoming the new standard of business. Even the smallest business can give the impression of a full scale accounting department with professional laser checks and careful bookkeeping practices. Ordering quality stock for your business ensures that your checks cannot be duplicated or copied. There are a number of check security features available to protect your business from forgery or photocopying. Here are examples of the kind of security features to look for:
  • Stain-resistant paper. Quality laser checks are printed on special paper that fluoresces when exposed to ultraviolet light. This paper is not available for purchase by the general public, much like currency paper. This protects you against photocopies.
  • Microprint signature line. Each check has a screen of dots that appears over the signature line when copied.
  • Overprint screen that reads “Original Document” on the back of each check. These words will not appear on a photocopy.
Laser Checks Vs Printed Checks Along with the built in security measures on the paper itself, laser checks are generally not pre-printed with company information. Since the checks must be processed by software that adds the logo, company info and specific check details as it prints out, it is far more difficult to forge company Business laser Checks. During the printing process, you may also choose to add a custom watermark designed especially for the company. The payment processing can be put on hold for supervisor approval after processing and before the checks are printed to ensure there are no mistakes. Software Security As an added layer of security, check printing software is calibrated to scan for duplicate or voided checks or for other unexpected anomalies that may occur during the printing process. Checks may also be sorted by specific criteria, for example dollar amount or payee name, in order to collate the finished checks for easy processing. Printer Security Laser check printers use a special ink process called Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR). The Laser checks is printed with ink that contains iron oxide. MICR alphanumeric typeface can be read by both humans and banking machines. Just before the check passes over the reading device, the iron oxide in the text is magnetized. This process is similar to the process used in an old-fashioned tape deck. As the text passes over the head, each magnetized letter creates a unique waveform that can be interpreted by the system. The special ink, and the method of processing, provides another protection against laser check fraud. With all the security measure available in every part of the check printing process, laser checks are more fraud-proof than ever before. You can use laser checks with confidence for all your business needs.
Productivity of Business Checks
Business Checks for Electricians Electricians must have an extraordinary attention to detail in their daily work. It is just as important to pay close attention to detail in your financial and business dealings. Purchasing accounting software is the first step to increasing productivity, but without business checks that complement your software, you are still losing valuable opportunities for increased productivity. Additionally, business checks are an easy way to increase the appearance of professionalism and the options now available for online business checks is remarkable. Productivity Your accounting software has probably already saved you tremendous time and effort in maintain records, producing invoices, and keeping your company on budget. However, you could become even more productive if you selected business checks that are designed to work seamlessly with your software. You only need to enter recipient information once and then it is stored, greatly reducing the time you must spend preparing checks for distribution. Professionalism Is it possible to write checks for a business on personal sized checks? Yes. However, if you are writing a large number of checks or are using the checks for payroll it does give the appearance of being unprofessional. When your employees attempt to cash or deposit a check, a bank or shopping center, will likely look on personal checks as a personal check. Many shopping centers, and some banks, have policies prohibiting customers from cashing personal checks. Business checks look more professional and signal to these centers that it is a business transaction. Options When you offer an estimate for a new electrical project you itemize the materials and may even give several estimates depending on the options the customer is interested in. Just as you give your clients numerous options in materials when installing new hardware, at Checkomatic, we like to give our customers options for their business checks. When you Order Order Business Checks Online there are a number of check formats to choose from, depending on the type of accounting software your company uses. You can have the check itself at the top, middle, or bottom of the page with the remaining area of the page devoted to check stubs or you can choose to fit three checks on one page with no stubs. You can select the color of your checks. Depending on the style you choose there are about a dozen colors from which to choose. You can also choose to upload your logo to enhance the appearance of your business checks and select accessories to compliment your business checks. At Checkomatic, we offer all of these options and more. Great customer service, an easy ordering platform, and quantity discounts are also provided. We hope you will give us the opportunity to help you explore your business checks options.
Choosing a Logo for Your Business Checks
Businesses use a variety of methods to help customers notice and remember their name. Distinctive names, catchy slogans, and memorable advertisements are all excellent options. One thing that can be used with all of these is your business logo on your Business Checks. Color Choose a color for your logo. You want something that will be easy to see if it is printed on your stationary, business checks, vehicles, signs, and advertisements. While you can certainly use several colors it is usually best to choose one or two main colors to focus on so anything you print does not become visually overwhelming and unappealing to customers. Also consider how any of the color combinations you choose will look if printed in black and white in a newspaper advertisement or on business checks. Think about the branding put in place by popular food chains such as McDonald’s or Whataburger. The bright yellow of McDonald’s is instantly recognizable and the orange utilized by Whataburger is quite distinctive and used on everything from interior design to uniforms and paper goods. Use the same marketing strategy for your business. Even if you have to print some items in black and white you may be able to incorporate the color of your logo in other ways such as by painting your vehicle that color or issuing staff shirts that coordinate. Mascot Many companies are as well known for their mascots as they are for their company logo. The GEICO Gecko, for example, utilizes a cute mascot and the color is complementary to the company logo and used throughout their advertising campaign. If you choose a mascot to include in your logo, make sure it will be easy to print on a variety of surfaces such as t-shirts, business checks, and other promotional materials. Mascots that are popular with consumers are often illustrated such as Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam, and Mario. Animals are also popular such as MGM’s lion, NBC’s peacock, and Borden’s cow Elsie. You could also choose a bigger than life character like the Burger King, Ronald McDonald, Wendy, or the Green Giant. How Easy is it to Do? Uploading the logo for your business checks couldn’t be easier when you use Checkomatic. You simply send your logo, preferably on a white background with black ink to [email protected] After your first order, your logo will be saved for you in our system so you will not have to repeat the process. However, if you do make changes to your logo or decide another image would work better for your business checks you would simply delete the existing logo and repeat the original uploading procedure. We hope you will allow us to work with you to make your logo a central part of your marketing strategy by including it in the design of your business checks.
QuickBooks Checks for Churches
Why does a church need QuickBooks Checks? You may be asking yourself this very question; after all, it is an expensive investment for an establishment that wants money only to help others. However, the features offered by QuickBooks Premier Nonprofit package allow churches to monitor ingoing and outgoing donations, operating expenses, payroll for any employees of the church such as the pastor, and allows the creation and monitoring of budgets. If your church has grown to the point where you need to keep track of the items listed above, it is worth taking the time to learn more about this software. Operating Expenses Churches have recurring bills just like any other organization. You must pay for electricity, power, and maintenance. Many churches also offer stipends for their pastor, church secretary, or cleaning service. Larger churches may also run preschools or hold classes for community members that must be funded. QuickBooks checks make it easier to pay all of the people that render a service for the church and to keep track of those expenses with minimal effort and maximum efficiency. Donations QuickBooks allows users to monitor donations by donor as well as by week or month. This will easily allow you to see if your income is trending up or down so that you can be sure expenditures reflect those changes. Additionally, churches will often make donations from their own accounts for disaster relief or to help parishioners who are facing financial difficulties. When your church makes a donation, QuickBooks checks will allow you to easily track what donations have been made to make filing the tax form 990 or 990-EZ easier. It’s Easy QuickBooks has evolved to become one of the easiest to use pieces of accounting software available on the market today. The user interface is intuitive and user friendly, and the customer service for the product is excellent, should any problems arise. It can be downloaded directly to the church computer from the Internet, or a hard copy can be purchased. Access to multiple people can be granted and some versions allow online access from any computer. Buy QuickBooks Checks Online Checkomatic offers affordable, fast, and friendly service for businesses, individuals, organizations, and churches. You can order your checks online and customize them to reflect the unique nature of your church. Include a church logo on your QuickBooks checks to reach even more people when your checks are processed. We guarantee the lowest price for QuickBooks checks; check out the details of our low price guarantee!
QuickBooks Checks for Plumbers
Quickbooks and printed QuickBooks Checks are not just for large businesses and nonprofit organizations; most businesses use QuickBooks Pro an excellent option for small business owners. Utilize this QuickBooks program to help maintain a professional image, streamline estimates and invoicing, save money, and enhance your customer relationships. QuickBooks checks are designed to work seamlessly with the software to make writing checks easier than ever before and are as economical as they are useful. Professionalism Presenting a professional image is one of the most important steps in becoming an established and preferred business. Customers want to know they are safe in bringing people into their homes and that they can expect to be deal with professionals who are trustworthy. While no one thing can promise this to a customer, all of the little details in the way you present yourself and your business are important. While it is doubtful that a client will see your checks, they will likely benefit from your QuickBooks program in other ways such as the estimates and invoices you can produce with the software. The other companies you work with as well as your own employees will see the checks you use. Your QuickBooks checks can be customized with your company logo and business name. Business checks are also available in a variety of colors that may compliment the color scheme you have chosen for your business. All of these little details will add up over time and create an image of professionalism. Estimates Estimates are the first tangible contact a prospective customer will have with your business. While first impressions are certainly important, your customer will likely be comparing your estimates with those of your competitors. While it is certainly possible to give rough estimates on the back of an envelope, or other paper you may have in your vehicle, a printed and itemized estimate will give potential customers a better impression and fuller understanding of what the costs include. Invoices The final impression a customer will be left with is not the work you have completed but the invoice you send them for that work. While it is certainly important that the work be completed in a timely and competent manner, it is also important that customers be given a detailed invoice for their records. QuickBooks offers a number of invoicing options including progress invoices and final invoices. A progress invoice allows you to submit an invoice to your client at certain stages of completion. This is especially useful for large projects such as plumbing a new house or renovating an existing home. Final invoices are simply the final bill you will submit to the customer and offer them an itemized view of the expenses they incurred and also offer you the opportunity to highlight any savings you may have been able to offer them. Economical While the initial cost of the QuickBooks program may seem intimidating for a small business owner, it is worth the investment. It will allow you or one of your employees to manage your accounts much more efficiently – and may even remove the need to hire a professional accountant. It will also make it easier to keep track of business expenses and other items that may help reduce the taxes you owe each quarter. Finally, QuickBooks checks can be ordered online very inexpensively. You can also save time by ordering your QuickBooks checks online and as we all know, time is money. Customer Service Happy customers are repeat customers who will also tell their friends and families about you. By using QuickBooks, you will be able to keep a record of the customers you have seen as well as their contact information from when you entered them into the invoice portion of the QuickBooks software. You can use this information to send out holiday cards, maintenance reminders, or coupons for service or product discounts. Customer relationships begin with your first contact and contract but they are built over time with consistent effort on your part. It is much easier to keep an existing customer than it is to find new customers. At Checkomatic, we take our customer service responsibilities just as seriously as you do for your clients. We want you to be completely satisfied with your business checks, which is why we make our customer service agents available to assist you in a number of ways. You can call us at 800-555-6374, email us at [email protected], fax us a question at 215-243-8047, or utilize the live chat option located in the upper right corner of our website.
QuickBooks Checks for Reporters
Many reporters work as freelance writers and are responsible for their own accounting. This includes invoicing clients, documenting expenses, and preparing tax returns. QuickBooks software and QuickBooks checks is the perfect solution, Even if you have never used accounting software before, QuickBooks makes it easy to learn how to keep track of all of your finances. There are numerous expenses you may have as a reporter, all of which you need to keep detailed records of. Some of the expenses you may have each month include travel and hotel accommodation, business dinners, Busines cell phone and internet service. If you are a freelance reporter, it will be vital that you keep explicit track of all of your expenses. These can be used as tax write offs at the end of the year and will likely reduce the amount of taxes you owe and may even help your receive a tax refund. If you work for a news organization or publishing company you may find that you can have your expenses reimbursed directly from your company or you may be provided with a company credit card but still need to maintain a log of the expenses you accrue. paying with printed QuickBooks checks makes it easy to keep track and itemize your expenses. QuickBooks checks are ideal for paying these expenses. Here you can order cheap QuickBooks checks for businesses with vouchers that are designed to meet your business needs. If you are new to QuickBooks and writing business checks you might get confused along the process of ordering your QuickBooks Checks, therefore we have added a new page to our site which is basically a QuickBooks Checks Comparison Chart, to give you a better understanding of the different types of Business Checks available on Answers to any other Questions you may have about other checks can be found at our FAQ page, should there be anything you cant find there you can always click the live help box or contact us directly. Remember at checkomatic we work hard to make shopping your business needs as easy as possible!