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Making Your Business More Efficient With Computer Checks
It is a fact of life that human beings are creatures of habit. We use computers to improve our efficiency. Without a second thought we use relatively new advanced features such as spell checking and grammar checking. We run our chart of accounts in QuickBooks. Isn't it funny how many of us run the reports and then manually write out checks to pay invoices? That's because many of us don't know the possibility of printing our checks and running them through the printer. This is even easier when you have a printer with more than one tray unit. Printers with two trays make it even easier to satisfy invoices with computer checks. As most printers default out to the first tray, simply put them in the second tray. This leaves plain paper ( or letterhead paper ) four more mundane printing tasks without the need to put the computer checks in the printer paper feed. Depending on the software you are using it to make the task of paying invoices virtually foolproof. Here is an example. Let's say you are using Microsoft Windows. In the Microsoft world the physical unit holding plain paper and computer checks is known as a device. Using Microsoft language you would create two printers. The first printer would be your default printer. This uses tray number one and playing or letterhead paper, depending on your environment. Then going into the Control Panel you create a new printer. Again, keep in mind this is Microsoft jargon and not the physical device. While setting up your new printer in Windows call it: Computer Checks, and Specifically Say the paper feed is the second tray. You want to make sure that the printer you are calling in Windows computer checks is NOT the default printer. From there you go to your accounting package ( QuickBooks, Fresh Books, etc. ) and create a print to a printer in Microsoft's Control Panel which is specifying the second tray. From here life gets almost auto magical. This is because you can use your accounting software to only call on paying the bills with the single physical device ( your printer ) using the second tray that has your computer checks. Suppose you don't have the capability of adding a second tray feed option to the physical device you and I call a printer. This is not a big issue. It does require a little manual effort on your part. Simply get a replacement tray for your physical printer. Keep regular paper in one tray, and in the second tray having it nothing besides your computer checks. Of course you can expand this idea even further. Why not get a third tray and set up a third 'printer' within Microsoft Windows and call it 'Envelope Printer', or 'Mailing Labels'? There's a great deal of efficiency in setting up different Microsoft Windows 'printers' that involve nothing more than swapping out the tray with computer checks or other specialty printing. The biggest efficiency comes from not making any mistakes and printing a letter on your computer checks, or attempting to pay a bill using plain typing paper. Never again will you have to go back to correcting your accounting software because you printed on the incorrect media.
The Need for a Business to use Quickbooks Checks
Before anyone, or business, switches what they're doing, they have to look at the benefits and costs. The benefits of using Quickbooks Checks are many, and the costs are extremely low as compared to conventional checking accounts. In contrast to the cost, the convenience is extremely handy when going through multiple transactions in a day. To know all the benefits of using this system, read on and see for yourself. A Quick Overview Businesses and individuals that decide to make the change from writing traditional checks to using Quickbooks will immediately start cutting the chances for fraud. This type of check writing system is infamous for not losing track of a dime, making fraud all but impossible. Various Types of Checks There are two different types of checks for a business to compare and choose from when utilizing Quickbooks Checks. There are the standard Quickbooks checks referred to as voucher checks, and then there is the security enhanced Secure Plus variety of check. These checks are used when wanting to print checks using the computer based check system. Businesses or individuals can purchase and use any type of voucher check that meets their fancy. The downside for buying outside checks to print on is that they will not feature the same security safeguards as a Quickbooks Checks. These checks with fewer safety features will leave the business owner or account holder open to a higher chance of fraud. In the end, that high amount of risk makes it more than worth it to just buy the original checks with increased security. Multiple Security Features There are multiple security features for Quickbooks Checks, 13 in all. These features, like a dollar bill, are engrained in the paper. The top features that stand out are only 4, but they are crucial for maintaining a high level of security. The first of the four most important features is a built in ink eradicator reaction. Each check will have a permanent and defacing effect if any type of chemical is used that can erase ink. That makes any forgery very difficult to perform without immediate notice. The second most important security feature of Quickbooks Checks is the micro printing that exists on the back of each check. To the average person, it will appear to be only a few broken lines. In reality, it is a deterrent. If the check goes through a copying process, then the line will be blurred, making a forgery very evident. The third most effective security measure Quickbooks Checks utilize is a high-grade multi-color border. The intensity and differences in color make it nearly impossible to duplicate accurately. The final security feature that is incorporated into these checks is the visible fibers. There a re a total of nine other features that are unique to Quickbooks Checks and make them nearly impossible to duplicate. Keeping these security benefits in mind, you’ll find Quickbooks Checks more than worth the any time spent on set up.
Laser Checks Should Be Used in Business
The first question that you may have is what is a laser check? To be put simply, it is a check that a business owner can print directly from the printer. Using nothing more than a laser printer or even an inkjet printer, the business owner can have many laser checks printed and ready within minutes, often time saving the business owner time that cannot be wasted. No matter if the business is big or small, laser checks should be used by every business. For example, if you run a small business then the very few seconds it takes to hit a few keys and have a nice hot check ready for your employee is going to improve your business by the happy employees. If you are a big business then not needing to outsource the payroll is going to be a huge headache saver. Another great thing about laser checks is that they are most likely already compatible with the accounting software you are currently using! This means nothing new to learn and a bunch of time and effort being saved on the business owner’s end. With laser checks and your accounting software the business owner never needs to worry about how much is going out when. Also to consider with laser checks is the fact that the business owner will never have to hand write the check again. This saves a lot of time if multiple employees are involved and any possible error if the teller reads the handwritten check incorrectly. The business owner simply buys the checks, loads them into the printer, and presses print when ready. In addition, laser checks will honestly help the business owner save time and money. With a bulk purchase of laser checks the need to reorder is nonexistent. Thus, the business owner is saving time by not needing to reorder and saving money by not having to spend so much for the checks. Another great feature with a laser check is that the business owner can make the check look however the owner wants it to look. This can really set the business apart from anyone else and people will remember how innovative the business owner is. When cashing the checks it will make your employees proud to know that they are different and will want to work even better. Also, with laser checks is the comfort that it has all the same security features that any other check has. This will give the business owner a piece of mind knowing that no one can duplicate the check and that everything is secure, just the way that it was supposed to be. Lastly, the customizable laser checks will really set your business apart if it matches the items that the business owner already has such as business cards, stamps, and stationary paper. The checks will create a unity within the business that will be hard to ignore and the happiness from the employees will raise the business above and beyond, putting more profit into the pocket it belongs in.
Accounting Made Easy With Business Checks
In today’s business world, many small businesses are faced with running their own accounting. Business checks are a critical part of that success, which means that you need to have them. There are a number of different types of checks on the market and each of them offer features and benefits that can make running your business a little bit easier. There are business checks that are formatted to run through your computer. This means that if you use any kind of accounting software, you can make paying your vendors a lot easier. Once you fill out the basic information such as who your vendor is, what the invoice number is that you need to pay and how much you need to pay, all you have to do is hit print. What happens next is that the business checks go through your inkjet or laser printer all addressed and ready to go. All you need to do is sign the bottom of the check and you have paid your vendor. This can save you significant amounts of time when you have other things to worry about besides just making sure that your vendors are paid on time. It will also allow you to effectively pay more than one vendor at a time. The advantage to business checks is that you can send them through a printer or you can handwrite the checks, too. All of your account information is already on the check so you have the benefit of deciding how you want to write out all of your checks. You may even decide to make your reoccurring accounts go through a computer system and then have your once-in-awhile deliveries get paid when they show up. When you choose from the different business checks, you can opt for a single check to a page or three on a page. This allows you to conserve paper where needed or make notes to your vendors as needed. This way if you want to make sure that they know that you’re paying a certain number of invoices with one check, you can do so in an effective manner. If you never need to make notes like that, however, you can also go with a simpler version. If you have voucher business checks, you aren’t limited to just handling your accounting, either. You can take over your employee payroll as well. In this case, you may want to choose the full size checks to give you plenty of room to talk about the hours they worked, taxes deducted and everything else. Running a small business is not the easiest thing to do, but when you have the right products, like business checks, it helps to make your life run more efficiently.
The Benefit Of Quickbooks Checks
Paying out vendors and employees is all a part of doing business. Quickbooks checks can change the way you do business. Whether you have poor handwriting or you’re just trying to make your life more efficient, you can utilize these checks to stay organized and provide everyone with the payment they need to continue providing for your business. The benefit of using Quickbooks checks is that they are specially formatted to work with a wide variety of accounting software programs. Just identify what kind of check you have and the program will recognize it very quickly. This way when you hit print, everything will be lined up. Then you just have to sign the check and it’s all done. As you shop for Quickbook checks, you have a few choices to make. It’s up to you to decide whether you want three checks to a page or a single one. The best way to decide is whether you’re paying employees or you’re paying vendors with the checks. Employee checks should use the one per page Quickbooks checks. The reason is because it provides you with a large enough memo room to compensate for the breakdown of their hours, their hourly rate and tax information. This way they never have to question you about their information. If you are paying vendors, you can get away with the three per page Quickbooks checks and identify the account number or other information in the memo line. This can ultimately save you a lot of time and paper. All the checks that you need to write can be done at once and printed through your inkjet or laser printer. Your business needs organization, especially in the accounts payable and payroll departments. If you’re a small business and you’re handling everything on your own, Quickbooks checks can be the ultimate way to get organized. Used in conjunction with accounting software, you can keep track of all of your expenses and write checks very easily. There are multiple sizes available for custom Quickbooks checks, too. The standard size is the larger ones that are used for businesses. It’s also possible to get the smaller checkbook style ones for personal use or for businesses, based upon your preference. They’ll still go through your printer – there’s just extra room on the left use to state why the check was written. There are many reasons to order discount printable computer checks for your business as well as your personal life. It can keep you organized, help you pay everyone efficiently and keep track of what you’re spending. The Quickbooks checks are affordable and pre-printed with your information so you always look professional no matter who you’re writing a check out to.
What Type Of Checks Is Right For Your Business?
If you have your own business then you know that running you business involves some checks. There are operating expenses that have to be covered as well as vendors and employees that need money from you as well. This is where the business checks comes into play. You cannot go around and disperse cash for every bill due. You would never be able to keep track of it, most companies won’t take it, and it is a huge security risk. You need to have business checks and they come in two types. You have the traditional ones. These are printed by a company that specializes in them and can offer you a near endless variety of options. Then there are the ones you can print yourself. More and more small and medium sized businesses are deciding to go with the latter option. At first thought the idea of printing your own checks might seem a bit scary. You might have visions of the entire office printing up checks and heading to Las Vegas or the Bahamas. Thankfully only the person that is suppose to write the check would have access to the right program, the right paper, and the right printer though the last one is a little hard to control. One of the big advantages of doing it yourself is, of course, that you will not be paying someone else to do it for you and have to worry about their security. You also don’t need to worry about having extra checks lying around. The biggest advantage of printing your business checks come when you are using the check writing program that is in your accounting software. By using its software it is automatically logged by your account and you can put the check in the account it belongs in. There will be no more forgetting to log checks. If you are still worried about security then there are steps you can take that would be a deterrent; you could print your checks only on watermarked paper. You could even have the paper done with custom watermarks but then you start losing the cost benefits of printing your own checks to begin with. Most companies just stick with the check paper they choose for the checks. Finally, there is the intangible value of the self printed checks. It just looks good to have a check that has been printed with the recipient’s name already printed on them. It looks very professional. Hopefully that will be a signal to the person that got it that you are a professional that has professional standards and expect to be treated that way in business. Everyone needs business checks. Right now it seems that the self printed checks are the new wave and here to stay. more about the Efficiency of Business Checks.
How And Why To Choose Laser Checks For Your Business
It's not surprising that in today's age of high-end technology, Laser Checks are growing in popularity and affordability. They can reduce the waste, help the company be green, and bring productivity to all new highs. In many cases, these types of checks are very compatible with a common laser printer. Taking advantage of this could be one of the most cost saving investments that could be made for your business this year. How many checks that you are able to print per page using Laser Checks depends on how well you need to keep track of your expenses. If you don't need a list present on the printed page above and/or below the individual checks, then 3-check pages are available. if you do want to have good bookkeeping, you can have the extra information pertaining to the check present. These types of pages are available. They will give you the room for that extra amount of required text. Picking the right Laser Check system is crucial. Be sure that the system you’ve chosen is compatible with the checking site or software you want. Knowing what works and what doesn’t is the first step to getting your business upgraded. After you get your checking system up and running, you will be able to personalize the look of the checks you print. A company logo and colors can be incorporated into the final design of the check. The best thing about Laser Printer Checks is the convenience and professionalism they offer. Once compatible software is found, it’s possible to use an ink-jet printer or laser printer. Another factor that makes these types of checks highly desirable is the lack of running around they require. There will be no more unnecessary trips or calls to the bank, saving time and money. Printing official and certified checks right off a business printer is the next step to a company being as self-sufficient as possible. With this type of software, even cashier's checks can be printed right in the office. Even though Laser Checks are printed off a home or business printer, they are still processed like any other check. The issuer must have sufficient funds to cover the check for it to be cashed. It is impossible to create checks that will sink you millions into debt. The overall savings that Laser Checks can create will make the holiday bonus checks a little more enticing. They can be customized and specialized to give you exactly what you need for half as much as traditional checks from a bank. Look around before making your final order. Take time to consider all before Purchasing Laser Checks. One of the biggest mistakes in any business decision is to jump in without any personal research.
Benefits Of Computer Checks
Using computer checks allows you to create your own product exactly the way you need it. They offer the convenience and flexibility of creating them on your own schedule, and buying in bulk guarantees that you always have them on hand when the occasion calls for it. Computer checks also allow you to personalize them for your own use or for your business. Computer checks are a popular choice when it comes to reordering checks. Individuals use them for personal needs but they are most often used for businesses. Little else is more inconvenient than running out of checks at the most inopportune time. Ordering computer checks is fast, easy, and will restock your checkbook for a long time to avoid the trouble of limited payment options. Another advantage to using computer checks is that they are cost effective. Particularly when using them for a business. You can order these checks in bulk from office supply stores or from websites that specialize in computer checks. Choose from bulks of 100 to 5,000. Ordering very large amounts of computer printed checks allows companies to use fewer resources in production. This saves them money, which allows them to sell you products at lower prices. When you buy in bulk, you get these products at greatly discounted prices – a savvy business move that allows you to invest money in more important areas of the company. The larger quantity you purchase, the better value you get. On top of the general discounted rate, these sources often also feature special additional sales and promos for even greater savings. You will find that you can choose from a variety of computer checks. These checks are made to be compatible with popular computer software, including Quicken and Quickbook. It is also important to get a good quality of check with sturdy paper that will stand up to being run through the printer in addition to the long journey every check takes. In addition to great value, creating your own computer checks allows you a degree of customization. Choose your preferred color and several lines of type. Some computer checks allow you the choice between consecutive and reverse numbering. Others allow you to keep track of both payable and payroll checks with the same batch. Computer checks allow you to select a product that caters to your needs. Selections and prices depend on the kind you choose. Computer checks are also a very efficient way to get the product you need. Other sources can take weeks, which becomes a serious inconvenience – particularly if you have a business to run. With Rush options we deliver your computer checks in as little as 24 hours. This production time is considerably faster compared to ordering from a bank, for instance. Learn about more benefits Of Using Computer Checks.
How To Write And Print Quickbooks Checks
If you're on the fence with the idea of using Quickbooks Checks, it may help to know what to do once you have the system. Maybe you already have the system and need a quick crash course on how to use it properly? Either way, here is the fastest and most effective way to write a check using the Quickbooks system. Once you learn the system, it’s simple and fast. Start off by opening the software. When looking through the main menu, click "start" and then move to the Programs icon. From that menu, choose the Quickbooks Checks software. A new menu will appear on the screen and will give you a list of different options to choose from. Click on the selection that says "Banking." When the new page loads, click on the "Write Checks" icon. That will lead you to a new page that will list "Bank Account" as a drop down option. Take that option to the "Add New" icon that appears in a new drop list. That's where you enter the proper account information. The beautiful thing about the Quickbooks Checks system is the speed it offers once the information is put in. For quicker results, you can add payee's names and information to a quick list. Simply choose the "Quick Add" option. That will let you enter the name of the payee to a database. Then choose "Set up" to input the information of the payee. The next step is to enter the specific dollar amount into the proper space of the online Quickbooks Checks. This is simple and straightforward. The next step, like any check, is filling in the proper information in the memo fields. It's necessary to make sure you actually print the check after you're finished. To do this, check the box on the screen that is labeled "To be Printed." By doing that you will ensure that it is printed-off later. Next, be sure to click the icon that says "Expenses." That's where the check writer will be able to enter any information about that particular account that he or she finds necessary. This can be the date of the next purchase or any information that may not be related to the current purchase. The speed and ease of these functions is what makes QuickBooks Checks one of the most useful and expedient systems around. The final step is to print the check you just wrote. Click the "Home" box and then click on the "Print check" from the "Bank" area. Click on the checks you see that need printing and then click the OK icon. That will cause the print window to pop up in the Quickbooks Checks software, and then click "Print." Also check out an older post to learn how to use multiple versions of Quickbooks on one computer to