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Printed Computer Checks, Do They Save You Time?
Printed computer checks are, in my opinion, better than the hand written checks that you get from your bank. I mean, who has the time to take out the check book, go to a blank check, write out the check, rip it out of the check book, put it in the register? In most cases all of this can be done using printed computer checks, since you are probably already using a program for your finances. There are some old school people that are out there, but I for one embrace technology. I embrace the convenience that technology gives. Printed computer checks is just one technology break thru that I for one can't live without. Most programs that you have access to, tell you exactly what printed computer checks you need to order. All you have to do is provide your routing number and account number and you are on your way. Think about the time you will save. I use a program that when I tell the system to print a check, it auto fills in the person that I am paying. It also deducted the amount from the register in the system. How much simpler is that than the above mentioned process? So printed computer checks are definitely a faster way of going about business. Whether that business is personal or professional, it is faster no matter how you look at it. Printed computer checks are also a much more secure way of keeping track of your checks. They are normally a full sheet of paper that you keep in a secure spot. In most cases, you are the only one that has access to them and the rights to use that part of your financial program. I know that when I use printed computer checks at my office, there are about four users that have access to the program. Only one has sufficient rights to print out a check. Guess who that might be? Think of it this way. You would only use printed computer checks when you are at your office or at home. When you are out and about town, you are very unlikely to want to write a check these days for anything that you are going to be purchasing. I mean, my bank did not even offer checks to me when I opened the account. I asked them why, and their response was just how I thought. Most people said that they did not want checks. So in a nutshell... If you are still writing checks, I would suggest printed computer checks. Save yourself the time and hassle. Save yourself the worry that you misplaced you check book. Make your life more convenient and have more time for the things you want to be doing.
Laser Printer Checks, By Far Are The Best!
For me and my business, a laser printer is must. Therefore, I use laser printer checks. Do you remember the old tractor pull checks? I remember them and even used them. Laser printer checks are the way to go if you own a business. I mean really, think about how professional they look. Whether you are a small business working for yourself, or a large business with many employees, laser printer checks make you look like you are huge business. For myself, I use them for that very simple reason. I want my small business to look professional and large. Some of the contracts that I get are because they thought I was larger than I really was. So why would I want to not take advantage of where technology has taken us? Laser printer check don't jam in my printer. They also don't smear like an ink jet printer. I also don't have to wait for them to dry before I put them in envelopes. Time saver don't you think? Laser printer checks are not for everyone. If you are not in to writing checks at all, then don't start. If you are writing checks for many reasons, you should look into it. Get a financial program to use on your computer and order the correct checks they say you should get. Just make sure that your information is correct before you order them. Getting 500 bad laser printer checks does not make a good day. A company I used to work for ordered the wrong laser printer checks. The president of the company was furious when a check came back for wrong routing number. It was written for a major piece of machinery that had to be delivered by a certain date. So learn from that companies example and verify your information before you commit. When I think of convenience, I think of how laser printer checks have helped me. I don't have to go around looking for my check book anymore. I just sit down at my desk for a few minutes each day, and print out what needs to be paid. Even if you sat down once a week, it will still save you time and money. There used to be some many times in the past that I ran out of checks because I did not realize I was getting close. With laser printer checks, I make sure when I open the box, I put a marker page toward the bottom if there was not one already provided by the supplier. So go and catch up with the day and age of the computer. Laser printer checks are the item you will learn that you cannot live without. Well except if you still carry around a check book and write checks for everything.
Discount Quickbooks Checks, Are They Worth It?
This day and age you should look for discount where ever you go. For me, getting discount Quickbooks checks is a blessing. I keep a watchful eye out for them. I get emails all the time for deals, you just need to know what you are looking for. Think about the way the economy is right now, where prices raise all the time. Just look at gas? So why should I not take advantage of discount Quickbooks checks when I can. If I can save money on the very device that I am using to give money to other companies, I will. I mean seriously, it is a loss as soon as I think of writing a check. Save as much as I can is my motto. Most of the time I look for the kind of discount Quickbooks checks that come in bulk. That tends to be the best deal that you can get. It might cost you more up front, but sit back and do the math. When you do the math it works out to be cheaper per check. I look for the total year end savings when I purchase discount Quickbooks checks. If I even save $20 per year, that is still a savings. A lot of times people do not look at what the yearend would look like. They think of the right now. That gets people in to trouble and they end up not saving any money. Cheaper per check is the ultimate goal really. As I stated above, you want to save as much as you can when you can on an item that makes no money for you. If you print 100 checks per month, and the checks cost you $1.00 per check, that is $100 a month of cost. If you had discount Quickbooks checks that cost you $0.50 per check, that is $50 a month of cost. The math make is a very simple decision. In that example it would save you $600 a year. What are you getting your loved ones now? When I look at a deal, i look for what discount Quickbooks checks I can get. I won't do the deal if the checks are not professional looking. Sometimes suppliers have extra of a certain design that they want to get rid of. For me, I won't save money by risking my professional look of my company. No matter what the savings work out to be per check. Be careful when you order your discount Quickbooks checks. At all times make sure that you have verified all of your information that you enter. Take your time and review. Don't make a mistake because you got excited about the deal. You don't want those discount Quickbooks checks ordered two times because of an error.
Custom Business Checks, Professional Is A Must!
In my view, and those of the leaders in business I surround myself with, custom business checks are a must. When I get together with the business leaders in my area, we often talk about ways that we can look more professional. We enjoy mentoring and coaching people that are new in the business world make great decisions on moving their business forward. The one item that I like to bring up to new people in business is their professional look. When I first started in business, I had your run of the mill checks, not custom business checks. You know, the ones that came with your bank account when you set it up. Plain old blue checks, with a generic font on the check. Nothing about the checks screamed, “Hey I am a professional business man over here!” I needed to do something, and it had to be done fast. I needed to find a way of making my business seem professional on all levels. The first thing I did was to get a buddy of mine to design my logo so that it can be used in every application. He did a phenomenal job. He was able to make the logo so that I was able to upload it to a company that could print the custom business checks that I was looking for. Now, when you do this, make sure everything is correct on your custom business checks. Also, make sure your design not only looks professional, but that it pops and stands out. I know you are just using the check to pay for something that is needed or a vendor, but it should still pop and say that you are a professional at what you do. When I started getting custom business checks, I paid a lot of money for them. I did not search out deals that could be found. I just went with the first company that I found. When it came time to re-order, I started thinking a lot more wisely. I started looking at my bottom line and what I could do to make it better. I found that if you take a few minutes, you can find some amazing deals on getting your custom business checks. The best deal that I found has been used by many of my business associates to cut their costs in half. A smart business professional always looks for ways to add to their bottom line. So the biggest question you young and old business professionals have to ask is “How will my custom business checks look?” Take it from me, the more professional your business is, the more professional the items that you use in business should look as well. Continue to make your business more professional every single day and strive for greatness.